A$AP Rocky’s New Year’s Resolutions May Just Shock You A Little

Reported by MTV Act.

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A$AP Rocky, whose debut album LongLiveA$AP drops January 15th, recently told BET his New Year’s Resolutions…and they’re not what you’d expect from a 24-year-old rapper at the top of his game. Check ‘em out.

+ Sleep With Less Women

“I’mma stop sleeping with so many different women,” says A$AP. This must be one of those “shoot for the moon” sorta things, because we all know hot women are A$AP’s greatest kryptonite. Just remember: whether you hook up once with one person, or many times with many people, play it safe. Check out It’s Your (Sex) Life for info on STDs and getting tested.

+ Give Back To Charity

A$AP says that he wants to give more to charity, but like a true good Samaritan, he doesn’t want any credit for it. “I wanna do it in a way that I don’t get the credit,” he says. “I just wanna do it and feel good about it after it’s over, because I love giving back.” From homeless shelters to losing his older brother to gun violence, Rocky’s come a long way since his rough upbringing. Although an “A$AP Puppy” shelter would be sweet, we hope that he uses his growing voice to speak out for young people growing up like he did.

Take action below to join A$AP in hooking up responsibly and finding ways to give back. And check out our 2013 resolution tips!

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