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 Maci Bookout Pleads Her Case For ‘Dislike’ Buttons On Social Media 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Maci Bookout has got some bones to pick with social media users.

In 2014, high school reunions are basically obsolete. Through the power of social media, you can learn the latest about old friends’ surprise engagements, births of first children or long-awaited promotions, but for all those happy, exciting announcements, there’s plenty of needless, mindless filler to match, and Maci Bookout wants to stop the madness. Or, at least be offered the courtesy of a “dislike” button.

In a blog entry the former “Teen Mom” cast member posted today, she lays down her gripes with certain social media users’ bad behavior, and pleads her case for why giving people an option to “thumbs-down” status updates and comments might actually do some good. After all, the Internet is not the place to air your own dirty laundry, post nonsense from the gym or attack our country’s best and brightest, she says, and the many offenders need to be told so!

“In my opinion, when people are publicly bashing our own leaders on social media platforms seen worldwide, it makes our country look weak,” she writes. “I find it quite embarrassing. Keep in mind: there is no line without a leader, no leader without a line.”

And for good measure, Maci continues, don’t post news stories even you don’t understand, think twice before WRITING IN ALL CAPS JUST TO GET ATTENTION and never, ever, ever, tag selfies of yourself “working.”

…which, we’ve never done…obviously…haha…what?…

+ See more of Maci’s argument about why a “dislike” button might help keep social media users in line, and tell us if you agree!

Photo: Maci Bookout’s Instagram

 Should Catelynn And Tyler Of ‘Teen Mom’ Stay Together? 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


By Leslie Simon

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been through more in five years than most couples face in a lifetime. On “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” we saw them struggle with their choice to make an adoption plan for their daughter, Carly, and watched how the decision affected their relationship. When the series wrapped, the two had plans to head down the aisle, but after a tumultuous appearance on VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy,” Tyler called off the wedding.

At the time, it remained unclear whether or not Cate and Ty would ever get their happy ending, but during last’s night’s “Being Catelynn” special, we learned the two are indeed still together. The nuptials remain on hold, however, as they continue to sort out their issues. Thankfully, both have a ton of stuff to keep them distracted: They bought a house, take care of Catelynn’s sister, Sarah, and also travel the country speaking about their experience on MTV and the importance of safe sex. Catelynn still wears her ring, but will it remain on her finger?

“We do have an untypical love story,” Catelynn said in the special. “We’ve climbed mountains we thought were unreachable. But when all is said and done, we have faith in ourselves, faith in others and faith in our love. Without that, we’d be lost.”

+ What do you think — after watching “Being Catelynn,” should the pair tie the knot, or is time they call it quits? Take the poll, and sound off on their relationship in the comments.

 Maci Bookout And Her Son Take The South’s Deep Freeze In Stride With A Sledding Adventure [Video] 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley, are winter warriors.

Atlanta isn’t having much luck with 2014′s extreme winter weather, but just a little bit north in Tennessee, Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley, are taking advantage of the uncharacteristically cold climate. The “Teen Mom” duo recently took to their neighborhood’s hilly roads with a sled, and what starts out as a peaceful ride in Maci’s Keek videos below becomes a battle for survival when some oncoming traffic throws the pair for a loop. Use The Force, guys!

While celebrating a snow day, which Maci says almost never happens in her neck of the woods, she and Bentley set off in a neon green toboggan and throw caution to the wind. “A car’s coming!” Bentley suddenly shouts amid cheers and laughter. “Go! Turn! Go! We’re gonna be OK!” Finally, after a true white-knuckle ride, the mother and son arrive safely by the side of the road, and even though the near-death experience is still fresh on their minds, Bentley is ready for more. “Let’s do it again!” he pleads. “Oh, Lord,” Maci responds.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us how you’re handling the insane cold!

Jan 28, 2014 | SNOW DAY FINALLY!! ?????????? by MaciBookoutMTV on

Jan 28, 2014 | dont keek and sled ?????????????????????? by MaciBookoutMTV on

Photo courtesy of Maci Bookout’s Instagram

 Three Major Lessons To Take Away From ‘Teen Mom 3′ 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

As this season of “Teen Mom 3” draws to a close, the babies have all celebrated their first birthdays — three of them on last night’s finale — and the moms are all getting the hang of parenting, but it hasn’t been an easy year. Let’s take a look back at some of the major lessons we learned:

Relationships are hard, but being a teen parent makes them harder.
While Katie and Joey and Briana and Devoin seem to have finally started working on their communication skills despite no longer being romantically involved, Mackenzie and Josh have hit an all-time low. Alex is clearly over Matt, but he’s still disappointing her with broken promises. None of the ladies found happily ever after with their babies’ fathers, and it doesn’t look to be an easy road ahead in terms of co-parenting.

Family support makes all the difference.
All of the girls’ families play a pivotal role in their babies’ upbringings, and their parents’ help is especially crucial. Can you imagine if any of the four teen moms didn’t have their own mom and/or dad to help them with the ups and downs of early motherhood? They’re all extremely fortunate in that department, and it makes a huge difference in their lives and the lives of their babies.

Babies may give unconditional love, but they require even more.
There’s no question these girls love their children, and they’ve sacrificed a lot for them already. But as Alex’s mom said in the finale, “It’s not going to get easier.” The responsibilities of being a parent only get bigger over time. Being a parent means putting your child’s needs before your own, and starting down that path as a teenager can feel very limiting.

So, what’s going to stick with you from “Teen Mom 3″? Has the show made you think more about your own future? Tell us in the comments, and for information on how you can take control of your own sex life and postpone parenthood until you’re ready, go to MTV’s It’s Your Sex Life website.

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 Snooki’s Son, Pauly D’s Baby Girl And The ‘Teen Mom’ Tots Totally OWNED Halloween [Photos] 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Snooki’s son, Lorenzo, looked positively precious in his monkey suit.

The treats have been picked over and the tricks have been pulled, but even though Starbucks wasted no time busting out the Christmas coffee cups this morning (seriously, already?!), we’re still not quite ready to switch from Halloween to winter holiday mode. There are still way too many pics of MTV kiddos clad in adorable costumes to be retweeted! From the newest member of our network fam, Pauly D’s daughter, to the big man on kindergarten campus, Bentley Edwards, we’re getting a cavity from all the sweetness on social media. Fright Night? We think not. Just try and look at Snooki‘s little monkey without making audible baby talk to your screen.

And while Katie Yeager‘s, Chelsea Houska‘s and Alex Sekella‘s ”Teen Mom” tots had the Disney front covered with two Minnie Mouses and a Dalmatian-hunting villain, Briana Dejesus‘ mini-diva couldn’t decide on just one costume…so she went the way of Gaga and took on three different identities throughout the evening, naturally. Check out the pics from last night’s Halloween festivities, though we should warn any woman with a ticking clock: May Cause Uterine Contractions.


Pauly D’s baby girl, Amabella (left), is the least scary monster we’ve ever seen.


Three costumes, one Nova! Briana Dejesus’ little girl stayed true to her diva ways.


Chelsea Houska planted kisses on her Minnie-me’s cheeks.


Alex Sekella’s sweet Arabella also looked to Disney’s most famous mouse for Halloween inspiration.


Katie Yeager’s daughter Molli made Cruella de Vil look more like Adora de Ble.


Could Maci Bookout’s son have been any cuter as Super Mario? “It’s-a me! Bentley-o!”

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Photos: The Instagram accounts of Jionni LaValle, Amanda Markert, Briana DejesusKatie Yeager, Alex Sekella, Maci Bookout and Chelsea Houska.

 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Bonus Scene: Mackenzie’s Mom Teaches Her How To Do House Chores 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


From not doing their own laundry to NEVER cleaning their room, teenagers tend to get away with a lot of lazing about at home, but blowing off everyday chores is no longer an option when you’re a teen mom. In this bonus scene from Monday’s episodeMackenzie‘s mother, Angie, thinks it’s high time her daughter learn the ropes of keeping a household together, and she coaches her daughter through a set of domestic tasks.

“This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Mackenzie laments as she carries a dirty load of clothes to the washing machine. She may be a mom, but those are definitely the words of a teen. As Angie tries to guide Mackenzie through folding a fitted sheet, they BOTH eventually get fed up with the process and decide to move Lesson Time to the kitchen. (In their defense, folding fitted sheets stumps the heck out of us — we just ball ‘em up and shove ‘em in the closet.)

In the kitchen, Angie tries to help Mackenzie cook an egg, but the brown shell of the organic dozen makes her nervous for what she’ll find inside. ”There is chickens in these eggs!” she says. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Check out the clip:

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 From SnookWOWW In Wonderland To Punk-Rock Tyler Posey, See How MTV Stars Celebrated Halloween [Photos] 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Snooki and JWOWW outdid themselves with two costumes in one night.

Who’s more deserving of some king-size Halloween candy than a couple of queens? BFFs Snooki & JWOWW certainly held their own at LOGO’s “Night of the Living Drag” event on Friday night when they dressed up as “Alice In Wonderland” royalty (the White Queen and Red Queen, respectively) for the first half of the bash, then magically transformed into Tweedledee and Tweedledum later on in the evening. And while their get-ups were All Hallow’s Eve dreams, the girls certainly weren’t the only ones repping Team MTV at all of the weekend’s holiday parties.

From a very blue “Teen Wolf” effort that included an “Arrested Development” homage to a very fitting workout routine in Captain America gear from “Challenge” champ Emily, network stars did us proud. Take a gander at everyone’s attire, including “Teen Mom 2“ cast member Chelsea Houska‘s “Walking Dead” tribute and “Awkward” star Jillian Rose Reed‘s “Lion King”-inspired ensemble, and tell us what YOUR costume plans are for Thursday!

Vinny Guadagnino: the world’s first goth guido.


Tyler Posey of “Teen Wolf” repped a member of his favorite band, blink-182.


Jillian Rose Reed looked to the animal kingdom for her dress-up inspiration.

Because what else would Emily of “Rivals II” do in a costume other than work out?


The Carver twins as “The Shining” sisters and Holland Roden as Tobias Fünke swapped genders.


Lauren Conrad dazzled as a fairy princess with her lab coat-clad fiancé, William Tell.


Big Tips TexasMacy and some of her gals down South looked to Dia De Los Muertos…and lace stockings…for a group costume.


Chelsea Houska was ready for the zombie apocalypse


Alex Sekella‘s little ”Teen Mom 3” as Minnie Mouse, sans ears.


A superhero’s gotta eat! Kailyn Lowry‘s son Isaac opted for pizza over Reese’s Pieces.


Snooki’s fans picked her family’s “Wizard of Oz”-inspired Halloween costume.

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Photo: Brock Miller and Mr. Photoman/Splash News, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Snooki’s Celebuzz, @JillianRoseReed, @EmFitMTV, @HollandRoden, @TylerGPosey, @kaillowry, @ChelseaHouska, @OfficialSekella, @MacyNeedum

 The ‘Teen Mom 3′ Cast Members Ponder Why They Were Chosen To Share Their Stories [Video] 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


While the difficult plight of teen mothers is fairly universal, each individual girl who gives birth at a young age, like KatieAlexBriana and Mackenzie of ”Teen Mom 3,” has a unique story to tell. No two cast members are exactly alike, even though their struggles often overlap, and there’s a reason these particular ladies were chosen to shed light on the harsh realities of unplanned parenthood. In the interview clip below, Katie, Alex and Briana discuss what it is about their personal journeys that make them serve as powerful examples.

“All of our stories are so different, but they’re so, like, the same in so many ways,” Briana says, before explaining how the juxtaposition of her and her sister — who chose to have an abortion when she got pregnant at the same time as Bri — shows a stark contrast between the results of both choices.

In Katie’s case, her quest for independence and harmony with Joey demonstrates the detrimental effects that having a child before you’re ready can have on a relationship. It’s also quite a tearjerker for her cast mates, Briana notes.

“I don’t want to make anybody cry!” Katie tells her friends apologetically, but nods in agreement that her story is a tough one to watch.

“Mine’s a whole ball of mess,” Alex exclaims, which, as we’ve seen during the last few episodes, is a pretty dead-on statement. However, she adds that all of the girls are just trying to do what’s best for their kids, which, ultimately, is what matters most.

Check out the video:

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Photo: Colin Gray

 That’s What You Said…About Maci Bookout’s New MTV Special, ‘Being Maci’ 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Maci Bookout and her little guy, Bentley, ring in the Fourth of July.

What’s Maci Bookout been up to these days? It’s a question fans of “Teen Mom” have been asking since we got our final glimpse at Maci’s life when the show ended its fourth and final season last year. Well, after staying mum on the subject for what seems like forever, we were finally able to share some big news: “Being Maci,” a new special that’ll follow the now 21-year-old “Teen Mom” and her son, Bentley, will air on August 18 at 10/9c. Man, were you guys pumped (so much so that you nearly crashed our servers…but we’ll forgive you!).

+ Within minutes, fans flocked to Remote Control and Facebook to share their excitement about getting reacquainted with the girl from Chattanooga. Check out some choice viewer commentary below, and share your thoughts on Maci’s return to MTV!

Remote Control:

“Glad to see someone from Season 1 being progressive and positive. Bentley looks like a really beautiful blend of both his parents and hopefully this special will show how they’ve matured more for the sake of their little man.” — Aliya

“Yay, I love Maci! Cannot wait to see it.” — Megan

“Glad she’s got her own show, she is beyond amazing!” — CeeJay


“I’m so very proud of Maci! She has proven to be an amazing mom and has shown great maturity since becoming a mom. Way to go, girl!” — Heather W.

“My goodness, I’m an old woman that loves this season of the show! I’m proud of Maci and can’t wait to see her again!” — Valerie B.

“Wow, I just love Maci, the way she handles everything and how she’s calm and down to earth.” — S’nenhlanhla Z.

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 Teen Mom Katie Yeager’s Daughter Shows Us The Right Way To Dance To An Olly Murs Song [Video] 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Molli rocks a snapback hat and hams it up for the camera.

We’re only just getting to know the adorable batch of babies featured on the upcoming “Teen Mom 3,” and while we’ve learned that Nova’s a total diva in training, Gannon can pull off just about any hairstyle and Arabella’s a pool party princess, we haven’t yet heard too much about Katie Yeager‘s tot, Molli. Thankfully, the wait is over, and we’re happy to present Molli, adorably busting a move to the catchiest of catchy songs, ”Dance With Me Tonight.” If watching the wee one shake her tail feather like nobody’s watching doesn’t make you crack a smile on this Monday afternoon, we fear nothing will.

“We love this song,” Katie shared on Instagram recently, with the video below of little Molli bopping along to the upbeat tune by British singer-songwriter Olly Murs. The tiny dancer gets so into her groove at times that she can’t help but fall to her knees, à la Elvis. Between this and Bentley’s mastering of the Bernie move, we’re one video away from a cross-”Teen Mom” dance-off. Anyone from “Teen Mom 2” want to accept the challenge?

Check out the adorable clip, and if your shoulders start to shimmy along, just let it happen.


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Photo and video courtesy of Katie Yeager’s Instagram.

 Maci Bookout’s Little Guy May Prefer Brussels Sprouts To Classic Warhead Candy [Video] 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley, wag their tongues for the camera.

All parents dread the delicate dance of trying to con their kids into eating broccoli or Brussel sprouts, but Maci Bookout‘s little guy, Bentley, is proving to be a uniquely picky eater: HE DOESN’T WANT CANDY! To be fair, it’s the incredibly sour Warheads with which the “Teen Momstuntman-in-training is struggling (WAIT, THEY STILL MAKE THOSE?), and in this Keek video Maci recently posted to Twitter, he sadly fails her challenge to get one down his gullet. We suppose there are worse things…

Little B, who never sucked on a Warhead before the short video was filmed, looks like he’d prefer to gargle pond water as soon as he pops the candy into his mouth. “Try it again, it gets sweet!” his mom encourages as he gives it another go, but will power is unfortunately in short supply in the back seat of Maci’s car, and each re-try is in vain. Rub your tongue all you want, Bentley, it’s just not gonna take. Who’s got a spare slice of birthday cake?

Check out the clip below for some mid-week lolz.

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Photo courtesy of @MaciDeshaneBookout

 16 & Pregnant: Kristina 

Kristina is 16 and super involved in school activities, including getting straight A’s.  She didn’t plan on getting pregnant so young, but when she told her boyfriend, Todd, he was really supportive. And pregnancy wasn’t the only life challenge confronting Kristina– she faces an extreme tragedy when Todd drowned while they were at the beach together.  After such a devastating experience, Kristina has so much grief that she doesn’t really seem excited, or nervous or even stressed about the baby, since she’s already dealing with so many emotions. Even though it was hard for her to open up at first, she starts leaning on her family and friends for support.  Everyone responds to loss differently, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone– there are people around you, like family, friends, and counselors, or support groups, or even online communities that are there to help you as you take time to grieve.  Make sure that you’re being honest with yourself about your experience and that you’re communicating your feelings with people you trust.   If you’re trying to cope during a time of grief, visit this site for some information to help you as you work through the loss of someone close to you.