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 The Most Intense ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Moments EVER 

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Last night’s “Teen Mom 3: Finale Special” almost escalated into a shoe-throwing fiasco (a first for Dr. Drew’s stage), but Devoin’s explosive fight with the Dejesus family is not the first time we’ve been perched on the edge of our seats watching the emotional roller coaster ride that comes with these tense reunions.

Dr. Drew, always armed with Kleenex and pressing questions, and the ladies of “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2” paved the way for the heated moments and jaw-dropping confessions we saw last night. From floods of tears to stage storm-offs, we’ve truly witnessed it all over the seasons, and aside from those cute li’l tykes crawling around the stage at the close of each show, we never know what we’re going to get when everyone comes together again. Check out 8 intense moments from past reunions, and let us know which one sticks out in your memory the most!

Barbara tells Jenelle she’s unlovable.
Barbara and Jenelle have had a tumultuous relationship, to say the least, but when Barb couldn’t name three positive traits about her daughter, as directed by Dr. Drew, it shocked the “Teen Mom 2” reunion audience. And even though Drew tried to soften the blow by offering up “lovable” as an example, Barb flat out said no, leading to a tearful argument about respect.

Kailyn and Vee square off
It was bound to happen eventually. After a full season of Kailyn avoiding Jo’s new girlfriend, Vee, Dr. Drew got the ladies in the same room at the same time. As much as Dr. Drew urged the two to have an open dialogue, the mediation went south the minute Vee tried to call Kailyn out. Or, perhaps it went east, considering that’s the direction in which Kailyn stormed off the stage while screaming “f**k this!”

Corey can’t forgive Leah for cheating.
Despite the fact that their divorce unraveled around a truck purchase, the destructive seed was planted when Corey found out that Leah had slept with someone else the week before their wedding. Corey claimed that no amount of counseling would have helped, and despite Leah’s tearful apologies, he insisted the couple was too far gone to ever reconcile.

Maci and Dalis go toe-to-toe over texting drama.
Ryan’s girlfriend, Dalis, and Maci are both pretty calm people, all things considered, but they both went a little haywire when Dalis brought up a case of texting “he said, she said.” While Maci maintained that Ryan was trying to hit her up for a romantic reunion because he and Dalis were fighting, Dalis refused to believe her, and ultimately stuck by Ryan’s claim that he never initiated any sort of contact.

Chelsea gets caught in the Randy/Adam crossfire.
It’s hard enough when a parent doesn’t like your teen boyfriend, but when said boyfriend becomes the baby daddy, its a recipe for disaster. Chelsea‘s on-again-off-again relationship with Adam had her dad worried and frustrated, calling it a “sugar-coated version of a train wreck.” When Adam tried to defend himself, Randy fired back with examples of his immaturity, and Chelsea started to cry over being stuck in the middle of their feud.

Andrew “doesn’t care” he hit Jenelle.
Once Andrew found out he was Jace’s father, he claimed to want to be a part of his son’s life, but Jenelle wasn’t letting him in. Jenelle had a very simple explanation for this, citing his abusive history and substance abuse, and Andrew, getting fired up, said he didn’t care about his past violent tendencies with Jenelle. Oh, and then he lied about being sober to Dr. Drew’s face. Not the best way to get in the mother of your child’s good graces…

Farrah opens up about Derek’s death.
Though Derek, the father of Farrah‘s daughter, died tragically in a car accident a few months before Sophia was born, it took a while before Farrah was able to open up about it publicly. When she discussed it with Dr. Drew for the first time, she broke down at the thought of her child never getting to meet her father.

Jenelle goes into harrowing detail about her heroin use.
On Season 4 of “Teen Mom 2,” Jenelle battled an addiction to heroin after rekindling her relationship with Kieffer. During the reunion, a newly clean Jenelle went into the painful specifics surrounding her decision to use the drug, as well as what eventually led her to seek out her estranged mother’s help.

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Reunion Sneak Peek: Brittany Challenges Devoin To A Fight 

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So much for Devoin being ready to step up. In this sneak peek of the ‘Teen Mom 3” reunion special, Briana and her baby’s father waste no time getting into a screaming match, despite Dr. Drew’s attempt to keep the conversation civil.

As soon as Devoin sits down on the couch, Drew gets straight to the point, asking why the parenting commitment Devoin made during the finale dissolved into the ether. Devoin claims that Briana makes it too difficult for him to see his daughter, rattling off excuse after excuse for his neglect of Nova, which justifiably puts Briana on the defense. “Don’t buy her Jordans and bulls**t!” Briana shouts of his superficial gestures. “Get her clothes, get her food, do something! You don’t do s**t.”

After Briana calls Devoin a “deadbeat” and Devoin accuses Bri of being a clueless new mother on “16 & Pregnant,” Brittany and Roxanne barrel in from backstage, true to Dejesus form. Brittany gets right up in Devoin’s face, begging him to throw a punch, while Roxy whips off a red pump and prepares to toss it at his head.

So, uh, is it too late to add this to our list of “Teen Mom 3″‘s most dramatic moments? Check out the clip below — if it’s any indication of what’s to come, you won’t want to miss the “Teen Mom 3″ reunion special, Monday night at 10/9c!

 Maci Bookout’s Son Is A Worthy Tickle War Opponent [Video] 

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Maci and Bentley wore a set of totally non-intimidating game faces to tickle battle.

Bedtime stories and lullabies be damned! In Maci Bookout‘s household, sweet dreams are only a product of a good tickle fight. Though Maci and her son, Bentley, are about as close as a mother and child can get, they recently found themselves in the thick of warfare. It started out innocently enough, but quickly became a white knuckle struggle for top spot that ultimately took them both down at the same time.

In this Keek video, Maci and Bentley square off on the bed, but the further they get into the skirmish, the closer they get to the side of the mattress, and Maci can see the inevitable disaster coming. Mayday! Mayday! While neither opponent is victorious, at least they can laugh about it. In fact, they can’t stop!

“hahahaha oh ya know our normal bedtime routine,” the former “Teen Mom” cast member posted with the video. Guess that’s just what “Being Maci” is all about — and we want more of it! Bring on round two, lady…

Check out the clip to see how Maci and Bentley get ready for nigh-nighs.

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Photo: @MaciDeshaneBookout

 ‘Baby Mama Baggage’ Makes Factoring In The Fun Stuff Almost Impossible For Teen Moms 

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By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

There are lots of obstacles that a young single mom faces when trying to establish a new relationship, and many examples of this “baby mama baggage,” as Briana‘s mom refers to it, were on display during last night’s “Teen Mom 3episode. Take the fact that Briana had to cancel a date at the last minute because she couldn’t find a babysitter for Nova. We don’t know if her date was as upset about it as Briana was, but it’s the kind of thing he’ll have to get used to if he wants to be with her.

Alex was really excited to get out of the house for the first time in a long while, and was hoping to meet some new guys at a concert with her friends. Unfortunately, she couldn’t quite enjoy herself because she felt like she had to constantly check in on Arabella. She was also preoccupied with Matt’s living situation. If they didn’t have a baby together, she probably wouldn’t be so concerned with her ex-boyfriend’s problems and she would have been more inclined to have a fun night out.

In contrast, Mackenzie and Josh are back on, but that doesn’t mean they’ve resolved all of their issues. A simple night was complicated by the fact that Gannon had to be woken up late so he could be moved to Josh’s house. That likely meant a baby meltdown and bad night’s sleep for everyone.

And then there’s Katie, who was justifiably reeling from her split with Joey. (Who wouldn’t be when a years-long relationship ends with one party saying they’re already seeing someone else?) But Katie is also a mom, so in addition to taking care of herself during this difficult time, she also has to look after Molli and work out a custody arrangement with Joey, even though he’s probably the last person she wants to see.

Dating and relationships are challenging enough when you’re a teenager. Add in “baby mama baggage” and they can be nearly impossible. A child always needs to be the top priority, and it can be really difficult — for everyone involved — to fit a love life into the picture.

+ Want to learn about teen pregnancy prevention? Check out MTV’s It’s Your Sex Life website.

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 Happy Halloween From Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee And Her Little Cowboy [Video] 

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With all of the blood, gore and needlessly sexy costumes that Halloween encourages, it’s easy to forget that the holiday is mostly about putting a smile on children’s faces…and Facebook photos. Lots of Facebook photos. From bunny rabbits to Disney princesses, parents upload a plethora of pics online each year in what seems to be a competition for the title of World’s Cutest Kid, but there’s one tot who already has a leg up on the rest this season: Gannon McKee of “Teen Mom 3.”

The video below finds Mackenzie‘s young son dressed up for Josh’s first Father’s Day in a cowboy outfit that would melt the heart of any ranch hand. Take a look, pump up the volume to get the most from the gush-worthy clip and have a happy trick-or-treat-athon on Thursday!

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Bonus Scene: Briana Gets Some Sage School Advice From Her Older Sister Brittany 

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Briana thought long and hard before deciding to return to school on the most recent “Teen Mom 3episode, but before she finally made her way to college for the first time with her mom and sister in tow — a move that really ticked Brittany off — she sought out her sister’s advice on what to expect from the first day. In the bonus scene below, Brittany, who’s already in college, tries to ease her sister’s nerves and give her the ins and outs of what higher education is all about.

“Make sure that before you think about friends, focus on school first,” Brittany tells her sister in the clip over some delicious looking shaved ice. Briana seems anxious about the idea of returning to school after all that she’s been through, but Brittany assures her she’ll have her back no matter what. “If the few brain cells I have remaining can’t help you, we’ll find help for you,” she jokes to Bri. But ultimately, getting back to school is something Briana says she needs to do to help her get her life back on track. “I need to be with peers and get out of the house,” she says.

“You do. You have no life,” Brittany replies. Leave it to older siblings to tell it like it is.

Check out the full clip!

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Provides A Window Into The Ways Parenthood Can Complicate Relationships 

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By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Relationships can be complicated at any age, but as we saw on last night’s episode of “Teen Mom 3,” being a teen parent makes them that much more difficult to manage.

Katie and Joey love each other, but they’ve been growing apart ever since Molli was born. Katie wants to go to a four-year college in another state, and Joey’s not on board — he’s happy with their current life in Colorado. It’s fairly common for regular teen girls to leave their hometown — and high school boyfriends –  for university, but for Katie, moving now would mean separating Joey from his daughter.

As far as Mackenzie and Josh go, the high school sweethearts have hit a serious rough patch. He’s not communicating or making an effort to include her in his life. She’s trying to be supportive, but the lack of response has made her feel worthless. For the average teen couple, the easy solution would be to spend some time apart or break up for good, but for Mackenzie and Josh, the stakes are higher because they have a son.

Briana and Alex also have difficult relationships with their babies’ fathers, even though they aren’t romantically involved with Devoin and Matt anymore. Briana has taken legal action over Devoin’s Twitter abuse, and Alex is watching Matt destroy himself with drugs. It would be much easier for the girls to move on if they weren’t tied to Devoin and Matt through their daughters.

Like the vast majority of teen moms, these girls didn’t get pregnant on purpose and probably never considered what raising a child with their high school boyfriends would be like. There’s nothing wrong with falling in love as a teenager, but becoming a parent before you and your partner are ready can lead to all kinds of heartache.

For resources on pregnancy prevention, head to’s It’s Your Sex Life website.

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Cast Member Mackenzie McKee Shares Pics Of Her Baby Bump 

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Baby McKee is just a bun in the oven right now.

Mackenzie McKee has announced a string of big developments in her life recently, and after the newly married teen mom shared the sex of her baby via an Instagram video last week, she decided to also give her followers a look at how far along she is in her second pregnancy. Earlier this morning, the high school tumbling queen posted two bare-bellied photos of her growing bump, complete with a glimpse into her preferred sleeping attire: her husby’s basketball shorts. Welcome to marriage, Mac!

In the pics, Mackenzie shows a front and side view of her torso, which still appears to be pretty ripped despite her being well past her first trimester. ”18th week. For everyone asking how big I am…. not going to post these often but here ya go. Yes i sleep in joshes shorts,” she wrote. The one thing she kept a mystery, though, are the crutches she’s leaning on. Maybe it’s a case of swollen cankles?

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Photo: Mackenzie McKee’s Instagram

 The Young Women Of ‘Teen Mom 3′ Face The Possibility Of Dwindling Support Systems 

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By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

This week on “Teen Mom 3,” Briana got a reality check when her sister went away on vacation. She’s so used to having Brittany by her side that it was hard to spend even a week without her, especially because Brittany helps takes care of Nova. This taste of single parenthood must have made Briana nervous for the future, because chances are she and Brittany won’t live at home with their mom forever, and she hasn’t really been able to count on Devoin. Plus, once Briana goes back to school or takes on a full-time job, she’ll need even more support.

Like Briana, Alex hasn’t been able to rely on her baby’s father, either. Matt hasn’t pulled his weight at all — he doesn’t even have a place to live and she suspects he’s using drugs again. Imagine how it must make Alex feel when she thinks about what the next 18 years could be like. No wonder she’s so frustrated with him all of the time.

Katie feels isolated and unattractive now that she’s a mom, and she thought taking part in a fashion show would help get her mojo back. Instead, she and Joey wound up fighting because Katie modeled lingerie on the runway. Looking ahead to the future of their relationship can’t be much of a comfort, considering their communication issues.

Of all the “Teen Mom 3″ girls, Mackenzie seems to be in the best place with her fiancé, Josh, but with his desire to get back into rodeo, she has to face the possibility that he could get seriously injured. Bull-riding is extremely dangerous, so even though he loves doing it, they both need to consider the potential consequences. What would it mean for Gannon if his dad got seriously hurt? What would it mean for Mackenzie?

In many ways, being a parent brings the future into clearer focus. All of a sudden, things that didn’t really matter or didn’t really bother you become far more important — and even scary. Being responsible for another person, especially a child, comes with lots of risks and responsibilities. Luckily, if you’re not ready for that, there are lots of ways to make sure you don’t become a parent before you’re ready. Check out for help finding and using the right birth control for you.

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 Why You DON’T Wanna Mess With The ‘Teen Mom 3′ Girls On Twitter [Video] 

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Twitter chatter can range from inspiring to downright nasty, and on “Teen Mom 3,” we’ve seen how it can play a part in ruining an already fragile relationship. Devoin used the social media platform to slander the mother of his child, Briana Dejesus, and it led to her filing an order of protection. On the latest episode, Briana explained to Devoin that she dropped the order in hopes that he’d back off for good, but the whole incident left her feeling scarred.

In this clip from our exclusive interview, Briana and her “TM3″ co-casties, Katie Yeager and Alex Sekella, discuss the importance of supporting each other and showing solidarity online. “If one person comes at us on Twitter? You get all four of us,” Alex says of their fierce loyalty to one another. ”I’m protective over you guys,” Katie adds. “I Twitter-stalk any guy that I see talking to you!” So, let that be a lesson to anyone wishing to woo or throw shade upon any of these mama bears — they ain’t got time for your nonsense!

Check out the video for more on the ladies’ (and their children’s!) cross-continental friendship.

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Photo: Michele Crowe

 Maci Bookout’s ‘Teen Mom’ Special, ‘Being Maci,’ To Air After ’16 And Pregnant’ Marathon! [Video] 

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Four years ago, we met Maci Bookout, a teen mom whose struggle to handle high school heartache was intensified by the hardship of being a young parent. Over the course of four “Teen Mom” seasons, we had the pleasure of watching her grow up into a well-adjusted young adult, and fans of the show have really missed following the spunky redhead’s personal life since the big finale. But y’all are in luck, because soon, she’ll be back!

To add to her duties as “Teen Mom 2” online After Show host, MTV will officially air “Being Maci,” a special devoted to the fan favorite, on Sunday, August 18 at 10/9c. The one-hour show will follow 21-year-old Maci in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as she spends time with friends, sorts through local drama and, of course, takes care of her main man, four-year-old Bentley. In the video below, she and her son (who is so big now we’re half-expecting him to start driving soon) announce it proudly. And where do Ryan and Maci stand these days? Well, after Ryan’s GF, Dalis, storms off after a fight, he and Maci find themselves in familiar, flirty territory. Oh, boy, the more things change over time, the more they sure do stay the same…

+ Are you as pumped for “Being Maci” as we are?! Sound off in the comments, and for even more Maci, stay tuned to the blog, as she’ll be hosting the “Teen Mom 3” online After Show each week, starting with the double-episode premiere on Monday, August 26 at 10p/9c! Plus, sit back and relax starting at noon on August 18 for a “16 And Pregnant” marathon that’ll lead right into Maci’s special!

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Photo: Colin Gray

 Oh, Ya Know, Just A Photo Of Maci Bookout’s Precious Son On A Rocking Horse With A Kitten In His Lap 

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Bentley and his little kitty storm off on their trusted steed.

There are certain sights that would make even those crossing the River Styx feel a bit better about their impending doom, and Maci Bookout‘s most recent Instagram is a shining example. The teen mom brought the better part of social media to a screeching halt last night, when she posted a photo of her son triumphantly riding a stuffed rocking horse with a little kitty safely in tow, and — no hyperbole — we’re pretty sure the minute the pic hit the web, all the evil in the world was instantaneously eliminated.

“B giving the little kitty a pony ride. #yeehaw,” Maci posted of her household’s knight in Nike armor. It’s not clear if the teensy kit was recently saved by the benevolent hero or if it’s the Sancho Panza to Bentley’s Don Quixote, but no villain — great or small — will stand a chance against this boy and his trusted stuffed steed. Wait a second: Does this mean he’s trading in his beloved bikes for the likes of a Clydesdale?

Check out the photo and have a great day.

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Photo courtesy of @MaciDeshaneBookout on Instagram