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 Former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Releases Video For New Song, ‘Blowin’ 

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Blowin cover

Farrah Abraham’s new song is called “Blowin.”

Good news for anyone who ever wondered if/when former “Teen MomFarrah Abraham would release new music following her 2012 album debut, My Teenage Dream Ended (the accompanying soundtrack to her memoir of the same name). Earlier today, Farrah uploaded a video for her dance-pop song, “Blowin.” Featuring an appearance by her adorable daughter, Sophia, as well as live-action screen shots of her various social media pages, the video captures the true essence of the single mom.

TM Farrah Blowin 3.jpg

Farrah is a dancing avatar in her video for “Blowin.”

Also in the video, Farrah takes time out to hang out with fans and let them snap selfies with her. Later, she is touched by their RTs and ongoing support.

TM Farrah Blowin 1

Farrah always has time for her fans.

Written and produced by the controversialCouple’s Therapy” cast member, “Blowin” expresses a message of female empowerment and strength, especially when bullies try to drag you down. For example, there are valuable lessons to be learned in lyrics like, “Let the hate stack up/Positivity push through,” which is wisdom Sophia can definitely benefit from.

TM Farrah Blowin 2

Farrah and Sophia wear matching chiffon.

Watch the official video for Farrah’s new song, “Blowin,” and tell us if it blows you away.

Also check out: MTV’s “Being Farrah” follow-up special for the real story on the former teen mom’s sex tape:

Photo: Farrah Abraham’s Twitter

 The 8 Most Dramatic Moments From ‘Teen Mom 3′ [Video] 

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16 and Pregnant” offered us a small window into the lives of Mackenzie, Alex, Briana and Katie, and though we got to know a bit about the struggles these brand new mothers faced during their individual episodes, that barely prepared us for the drama that followed throughout “Teen Mom 3.” Violent behavior, drug addiction, lying and take-no-crap grandmas all played a role in the first season, and we’ve highlighted eight of the most jaw-dropping moments.

Matt and Alex square off.
When Alex found out that Arabella’s father, Matt, had been talking to another girl, all hell broke loose. Matt’s temper went into overdrive as Alex’s mom tried to calm him down, and he came dangerously close to getting physical with Alex. Thankfully, Wendy put a stop to the fight before it escalated further, and made sure Matt knew he was no longer welcome in their home.

Alex learns that Matt overdosed on heroin.
Matt’s struggle with drug addiction put a pretty big burden on Alex and her family, especially since she initially wanted to work things out with him for Bellie’s sake. Though he had tried to get clean in the past, it wasn’t long after Matt returned home from rehab that he started using again, eventually falling victim to dire consequences.

Joey breaks up with Katie on her birthday.
The engaged couple tried to put their combative ways aside to celebrate Katie’s birthday in Salt Lake City, but on the drive home, a simple mention of college caused a huge argument, ending with Joey telling his fiancé to take a hike.

Katie’s mom calls the cops on Joey.
Despite Katie’s ability to hold her own with Joey most of the time, after they broke up, her mom felt the need to step in during a particularly brutal fight, calling the police when Joey tried to hightail it out of his and Katie’s apartment with Molli in tow.

Mackenzie and her mom call Josh out on his lying. 
When Mackenzie found out that Josh was lying to her about his whereabouts, she knew she needed backup from her mom in order to confront him calmly. Josh told Mackenzie he’d been pulling away because he needed a break, and Mackenzie — who had been trying so hard to save their relationship — was left dumbfounded.

Josh breaks Mackenzie’s heart on the side of the road.
En route to couples’ counseling, Mackenzie’s nagging sent Josh over the edge, and the typically stoic cowboy let his frustration get the better of him. He pulled the truck over and made it crystal clear that their relationship was over.

Roxanne unleashes her mama bear wrath on Devoin.
The Dejesus family had never been fans of Devoin, but when Briana’s ex insinuated that Briana’s own absent father clouded her judgement about what kind of people Nova needed in her life, Briana’s mom, Roxanne, finally had enough. Roxy saw red and stepped up to defend her family from his slander, and ultimately shooed him out of the house amid a flurry of cuss words and a flying vase.

Devoin ain’t exactly Mary Poppins.
The one time Devoin tried to actually step up and babysit Nova all by himself, Briana couldn’t bring herself to stray too far from the scene, and set up shop right outside the house in case anything went awry. While she was desperately missing her baby despite being only a few hundred feet away, she didn’t have to wait long for Devoin to call her for help, as he found it impossible to soothe Nova’s post-vomit crankiness.

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Bonus Scene: Mackenzie Can’t Stand Her Mom’s Backseat Parenting 

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Parents and teens butt heads on everything from not doing chores to doing too much dating, but when you add a third generation to the mix, a whole new crop of issues becomes ripe for disagreements. In this bonus scene from Monday’s episode of “Teen Mom 3,” Mackenzie vents her frustrations about her mother to Josh, telling him how sick and tired she is of having Angie interfere with her care of Gannon.

“My mom thinks that [Gannon] is her son, and I can’t make any decisions for him,” she complains to her fiancé, and adds that his reluctance to spend time with her family fuels the already tense fire. Surprisingly, Josh jumps to Angie’s defense when Mackenzie accuses her mom of being bossy about Gannon’s bedtime schedule. ”Yeah, but he does need to be in bed by a certain time,” he admits.

“But we’re the parents, not her,” Mackenzie counters. If she and Josh aren’t allowed to make their own mistakes, how will they ever learn?

Watch the bonus scene, plus check out the “Teen Mom 3 After Showclip below it to hear more from Mackenzie on her struggle to break free from her family’s rule.

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 Amber Portwood Released Early From Prison 

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Amber Portwood joyfully reunites with her mom after being released from prison.

After spending 17 months in Indiana’s Rockville Correctional Facility for violating probation surrounding a case of drug possession, Amber Portwood of “Teen Mom” was released today, three-and-a-half years earlier than her 2017 scheduled exit. According to E! News, a prison spokesperson confirmed that Portwood earned “good time credit” for her participation in a substance abuse program and good behavior.

Amber was first sentenced to five years in the facility in June 2012 after pleading with a judge that jail time would be more helpful to her sobriety than a stint in rehab. In a post-release interview obtained by TMZ, Amber says she cannot wait to see her daughter, Leah, and adds that she’s on the upswing after taking anger management classes while incarcerated, which she eventually went on to teach. Though she explains she still has her sights set on college one day, her first order of business as a free woman is simply getting a good meal.

In the “Amber Behind Bars” special below, which aired on MTV last October, Amber said she was initially against the idea of entering a therapeutic community within jail, but that it ultimately helped her tremendously. Watch the show, and share your thoughts on Amber’s early release.

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Photo: Turgeon-Harvey/Splash News

 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Illustrates The Importance Of Planning For Your Future 

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By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

During all the discussion on last night’s “Teen Mom 3episode about whether or not Alex should attend prom, Alex’s mom, Wendy, asked how the young parent had originally pictured her senior year going. Alex said that she had never even thought about it, and had only focused on the day-to-day stuff in her life, not the future.

The problem with that kind of mindset is that without considering what type of difficulties could lie ahead, you won’t do anything to prevent them from occurring. For example, if you’ve never thought about the possibility of getting in a car accident, then you might not ever wear a seat belt. If you don’t think you’re going to get caught in a rainstorm, you won’t bring an umbrella. And if you don’t think pregnancy is a possibility, then you probably won’t plan to prevent it.

Most teen pregnancies are unplanned, as most teen girls who get pregnant never thought it would happen to them. That’s why thinking about the consequences and having a plan in place is so important. Every single time you have sex, whether it’s the first time or the 50th time, pregnancy is possible. And if you get pregnant as a teenager, every road ahead is difficult — whether you choose to end the pregnancy, make an adoption plan or become a parent.

So what’s your plan? It’s time to find out the right contraception methods that will work for you. Though no form of birth control is as foolproof as not having sex at all, you must know how to use them effectively. For more information, head to MTV’s It’s Your Sex Life website.

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 Some ‘Teen Mom’ Tots Are Ready For Halloween, Others Simply Spooked! [Photos] 

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Molli doesn’t seem all that excited about her bewitching friend.

One of the best things about being a kid is soaking in the mother of all candy-coma holidays, Halloween. From pumpkin picking to spooky decorations to trying on a bajillion costumes, All Hallow’s Eve’s traditions are second only to Christmas’, especially for the rambunctious kiddos in the “Teen Mom” family. The “TM” matriarchs have been busy snapping photos of their kiddos gearing up for the frightful night, and some tots are dealing with the spookiness a liiiittle bit better than others.

Katie Yeager and her daughter, Molli, were busy bewitching their home with some decorations that would give the girls from “Hocus Pocus” a run for their money, but Molli wasn’t too keen on their new green-skinned friend. ”She wasn’t a fan of this witch,” Katie shared along with the photo of Molli apprehensively sitting next to the Elphaba look-alike above. While Molli might be a little iffy about the whole Halloween thing, Aubree, Chelsea Houska‘s daughter, and “Teen Mom 3” tots Gannon and Nova are all-in.

Aubs took her keen eye to the pumpkin patch to seek out the best pick for a Jack-o’-lantern, while Nova and Gannon started sorting out their costumes. Check out all the adorable pics, below!


Aubree is on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin!


Nova practices her princess pose for trick-or-treating.


Mackenzie’s little man could be any number of things with that purple mustache.

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Photos: Katie Yeager’s Instagram, Roxanne Dejesus’ Twitter, Chelsea Houska’s Instagram and Mackenzie McKee’s Twitter.

 ‘Teen Mom 3′ After Show: Alex Shares Her Surprising Reaction To Hearing About Matt’s Overdose [Video] 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


On tonight’s episode of “Teen Mom 3,” Alex got the call she had been dreading — but sadly expecting — ever since Matt entered the throes of drug addiction: He had been rushed to the hospital because of an overdose and his fate was uncertain. Alex had accepted the inevitability of receiving such news long ago, but she tells Maci Bookout in our latest “Teen Mom 3 After Show” that she was surprised by her own reaction to it.

“I was a lot more calm about it, and kind of like, ‘This is what happens…this was bound to happen at some point in time, and there’s nothing I can do about it,’” she tells the host in the clip below. “I just took it one step at a time, and was mentally preparing for what type of news to get.”

Alex shares that Matt’s brief absence from her life, spawned by a violent blowout two weeks prior resulting in her mom kicking him out of their home, had temporarily lifted a massive weight off her shoulders. “It was like a huge ball of stress had left the house,” she says. When Maci asks whether she was nervous about what Matt was doing during his time away, Alex admits that she’d been a little worried, but taking care of her daughter came first. “I kept thinking, ‘I’m a mom and I have to make Arabella my priority. He’s a big boy, and he can fix his own problems,’” she explains.


But he didn’t. Earlier in the episode, Matt had rejected the help that a clean living house was offering him, showing up five hours late for his intake appointment and then storming off when the program coordinator accused him of being high. “What an idiot,” Alex says of the blown opportunity when Maci asks what she was thinking as she watched the scene. “That was his chance of redemption and getting his life together, and he threw it out the window.” He also put his life at risk, as well as his daughter’s own well-being — growing up without a dad is proven to have lasting negative effects. We’ll see next week whether Matt’s overdose pushes him to return to treatment, but as Briana remarks, “Addiction is powerful.”

+ Watch the video, and tell us if you think Matt’s hospital stay will serve as an aha moment and point him in a more positive direction.

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Poll: Will Joey’s Refusal To Quit Smoking Pot Be The Last Straw For Katie? 

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It’s been a rough relationship road for Katie and Joey since the start of “Teen Mom 3.” Their communication issues have only gotten worse over time, and now, another serious problem is threatening to end things between them for good. On tonight’s episode, the newly engaged couple found themselves butting heads over the fact that Joey, despite Katie’s pleading, refused to quit smoking pot.

Regardless of a conversation the couple had in which Katie expressed her disapproval of Joey being high around their daughter, Joey simply wasn’t interested in breaking his habit. He said he “didn’t feel like it,” and claimed that his addiction to pot was not at all the same as an addiction to harder drugs. Later on in therapy, Katie revealed that her father has a history with methamphetamine, and even went to jail because of it, so it’s no wonder she’s so strongly against any drug use in her home. The counselor suggested Joey try sobriety to save their relationship and he begrudgingly agreed, but overcoming addiction normally involves much more than a verbal oath to stop.

So, do you think Joey’s drug use could be the final nail in his and Katie’s relationship coffin? Take our poll, and sound off in the comments.

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Sneak Peek: Devoin’s Low Blow About Briana’s Dad Brings Out The Mama Bear In Roxanne 

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The trio of Dejesus women on “Teen Mom 3“ are thick as thieves, so if anyone attempts to come at one of them, you best believe the other two will draw blood. In this sneak peek of the next episode, Devoin makes a rare appearance in their household, only to instigate a fight with Briana, which sets Roxanne off.

Just a few weeks ago, Devoin had promised to step up and be there for his daughter no matter what, but as the majority of you guys suspected, that never came close to happening. So, when Briana tells Devoin that she doesn’t want him around Nova because he’s failing at all of his parental responsibilities, he goes on the defense.

“You didn’t grow up with a dad, so you don’t know — you know Nova needs a dad,” Devoin retaliates, insinuating that Briana’s perceived lack of a male role model makes her less capable of providing for Nova.

“Excuse me, she did grow up with a father, so don’t talk s**t that you don’t f**king know. I’m done with that,” Roxanne interjects. “Stop using me and her father as an excuse. Get the f**k OUT.” Perhaps if Devoin had been around more, he’d have learned by now not to EVER mess with Roxy or her cubs.

Check out the clip to see the full extent of the mama bear’s protective wrath, and don’t miss an all-new “Teen Mom 3″ Monday night at 10/9c.

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Poll: Should Mackenzie’s Fiancé Return To Bull-Riding? 

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Plenty of people thrive on adrenaline-pumping hobbies, but Josh’s passion for riding broncos at the rodeo has proved to be life-threatening on more than one occasion. Mackenzie‘s fiancé has already had a number of concussions due to the dangerous sport, forcing him to sit on the sidelines for awhile. That, coupled with a nasty neck injury from a car accident, almost made Josh shelve bull-riding for good, but on tonight’s ”Teen Mom 3,” the cowboy realized his passion for riding was too strong not to give it another go.

Josh’s future mother-in-law, Angie, looked like she got the wind knocked out of her when Mackenzie said she would fully support her fiancé’s return to the ring. She tried to plead with her daughter, explaining that Josh’s parenting responsibilities should come before bull-riding, but Mackenzie countered by reasoning that her tumbling was also a high-risk activity. While true, basket tosses with trained professionals aren’t exactly as reckless as bucking broncos, yet Mackenzie maintained that, even though she was concerned for Josh’s safety, she would be behind him 100 percent.

+ So, do you think Josh should take the chance and return to bull-riding, or kick the habit for good now that he has a family of his own? Take our poll, and sound off in the comments!

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 Mackenzie’s Prom Dress Sacrifice Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg For Many Teen Moms 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

As a parent, Mackenzie always has to put her child’s needs over her own wants, and on Monday’s episode of “Teen Mom 3,” she borrowed a prom dress from a friend because buying one would cost as much as a month’s worth of diapers. Her decision really drove home the many types of sacrifices young moms have to make. The dress she borrowed was still beautiful, and it being secondhand didn’t seem to make her experience any less special, but the high school cheerleader had probably pictured her prom going much differently before she had Gannon.

Aside from luxuries like prom night, Mackenzie has it pretty easy financially. Even though Josh isn’t working right now and probably can’t contribute much in the way of money, it doesn’t seem like they worry too much about paying for the basics. She lives with her parents, which means she doesn’t have to stress about making the rent. Living at home also means Gannon is surrounded by adults who love and care for him, and child care costs don’t seem like a dire concern. Many young parents aren’t as lucky.

A government study released last month found that the average cost to raise a child from birth to age 18 is more than $240,000. That includes housing, food, transportation, clothing, health care, child care, toys and electronics. However, it doesn’t factor in the cost of sending a child to college, which can be so expensive, it’s not uncommon for parents of any age struggle with it. But for someone who is still in high school, sending a child to college can be nearly impossible — especially if parenthood means postponing or forgoing your own education and consequently future job prospects.

Parenthood is hard, relationships can be hard and making ends meet is hard, too. Preventing a pregnancy in the first place isn’t always easy, but it’s easier than becoming a parent too soon. Need information to help you prevent pregnancy until you’re ready? Check out the It’s Your Sex Life website.

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 The ‘Teen Mom 3′ Premiere Reminds Us That Financial Stability Is Always A Huge Struggle For Young Mothers 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


By Lauren Mann of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Briana, Katie, Mackenzie and Alex shared their individual stories back on “16 & Pregnant,” and now they’ve let the cameras in once again for “Teen Mom 3,” which documents all four of them navigating their first year as parents. True to the series’ predecessors, there was a ton to learn about the triumphs and struggles of young mothers in the premiere episode.

Briana, Katie and Alex all mention how expensive it is to raise a child. About $240,000-for-18-years expensive. It’s no wonder nearly half of all teen mothers ages 15 to 19 live below the poverty line. Alex is working three jobs to support herself and Arabella, while Katie and Joey barely spend any time together since they work opposite schedules to make sure someone is always home with Molli.

Briana, like 63 percent of teen mothers, is receiving public assistance to help with things like groceries and diapers. She hasn’t received any financial help from Devoin, which is not uncommon among teen mothers. More than half of teen mothers who are raising their children don’t have any child support agreement in place and haven’t received any money in the past year. Briana isn’t proud of the fact that she relies on the government to help her with money, but without any child support from Devoin, she has no choice.

The program that Briana mentions, WIC, stands for Women, Infants and Children, and provides nutritious foods, education on nutrition and referrals to health and other social services for free. To qualify, applicants must be at “nutritional risk” and fall below U.S. Poverty Income Guidelines (currently $42,643 for a family of four). WIC is a short-term program, usually lasting only from six months to a year. Participants “graduate” at the completion of the program and must reapply to continue to receive benefits. Sometimes a state does not have enough funding for every eligible applicant and must prioritize a waiting list based on the health of the individual or child or severity of the situation. Still, in 2010 alone over 9 million people received WIC benefits, resulting in improved birth, diet and health outcomes for women and children.

To find out more about the WIC program, eligibility and how to apply, as well as for links to other nutritional assistance programs, check out the US Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service website.

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