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 Amber Portwood Sets Troubled Teens Straight On ‘Maury’ 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Having gone to prison for violating probation surrounding a case of drug possession, Amber Portwood knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom. Fortunately, she also knows what it takes to get back up, and on today’s “Maury,” the former “Teen Mom” cast member appeared as a guest mentor for young girls who’ve flaunted their drug use and risky sexual behavior. Thankfully, Amber wasn’t afraid to show them some tough love.

During the episode, called “Sex and Drugs Are Going to Kill My Teenage Girls,” a group of mothers who were at the end of their ropes with their delinquent daughters pleaded with Maury for help in saving their girls’ lives. Instead of just lecturing the troubled teens himself, the talk show host invited Amber to the stage to share her own story of self-destruction, heartache and, ultimately, recovery.

“The pain I’ve experienced, you don’t even know,” Amber sternly told the girls, who said she acted out for years to get attention before wising up, putting herself behind bars and getting sober. “You don’t want that life right now.”

Alongside author and motivational speaker Raphael B. Johnson, Amber assured the girls that if their dangerous habits continued, they’d eventually be locked up, and with a trip to the New York City Rescue Mission — where Amber put them to work mopping floors and cleaning toilets — she began to get her point across. “I want you to know what could happen,” Amber warned, adding that she sometimes spent eight hours a night cleaning while in jail. “You’re not the biggest and baddest.”

At the end of the episode, Amber said she felt hopeful about the progress the young women had made, but we’ll have to wait and see if they stick to the straight and narrow on a future catch-up special. Tell us if you caught the episode, and check your local listings for future air times!

Photo courtesy of Maury’s Facebook

 Maci Bookout Practices Pop-Ups With Her Slugger Son, Bentley 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Maci Bookout poses with her little all-star, Bentley.

Now that spring has finally sprung, and Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley, are no longer forced to travel by sled, the former “Teen Mom” duo’s taking advantage of the warmer temps by really getting into America’s favorite pastime. To ensure Little B gets the most out of his very first baseball season, Maci guided him through some fundamentals yesterday, and considering 2014 marks Bentley’s premiere year in uniform, we have to say — we’re very impressed!

“Working on pop ups” Maci tweeted with this Keek video, in which she challenges Bentley to catch some high-flyers. Each time Bentley successfully gets his glove around the ball and tosses it back to his mom, Maci lobs the next a little higher, until her throws are practically scratching the clouds. We know Bentley previously had his sights set on being a stuntman, but it looks like he might just have a future in the big leagues ahead of him. Next lesson: proper sunflower seed-spitting etiquette!

Check out the clip, and tell us how you’re getting into baseball season!

Photo courtesy of Maci Bookout’s Instagram