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 Happy 24th Birthday, Amber Portwood! You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby 

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Many people make spectacles out of their birthdays, but as long as Amber Portwood‘s surrounded by her loved ones, she’s good to go. The former “Teen Mom” cast member, who turns 24 today, took to Twitter last night to reflect on how far she’s come in the past few years, and considering that she was behind bars only seven months ago, she’s certainly got a lot to celebrate.

“I’m truly blessed to be free and healthy today…can’t wait for my future and enjoying my,” Amber tweeted, adding that she plans to spend the day with those who have stuck by her through some tough times.

After being sentenced to five years in jail in June 2012 for violating probation surrounding a case of drug possession, Amber was released early from prison in November 2013 (a process documented in the “Being Amber special below), and has been striving for a cleaner, more peaceful life since. She even recently acted as a mentor for troubled teens — some of whom also abused drugs — on “Maury.” Turning the negatives into positives is totally admirable — there’s no pity party here!

Share your thoughts on how far Amber has come, and be sure to wish her a happy birthday!

 Maci Bookout Tells ‘The Doctors’ A Recent Mystery Illness Was More Painful Than Childbirth 

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Most women can say with confidence that giving birth is hands down the greatest pain they’ve ever experienced, but the usually smiley Maci Bookout of “Teen Mom” is no longer among them. On an upcoming episode of “The Doctors,” Maci will share a story about a recent mystery illness that left her completely debilitated, and in case the severity of her ailment isn’t clear in the sneak peek below, she tells the show’s experts that she’d rather live in the delivery room than experience that amount of pain ever again. Point taken!

“I didn’t even want to get up to go to the doctor,” Maci explains to Drs. Travis Stork and Rachael Ross. “That’s how painful it was.” After a series of tests, scans and possible diagnoses, Maci says her doctors discovered she was suffering from a kidney infection, and none of the initial treatments they tried could mitigate her pain. “I’d rather have eight kids at once than do this,” she says. Octomom, care to weigh in?

+ Shocked to hear how bad Maci’s illness was? Take a look at the video and check the show’s local listings to see when you can catch the full episode today!

Photo: Brendan Tobin

 Mackenzie McKee Welcomes A Furry New ‘Son’ To Her Family [Photo] 

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Mackenzie snuggles up with her little boy.

Though Mackenzie McKee of “Teen Mom 3,” who is currently pregnant with her second child, is still months away from her due date, the former high school cheerleader and her husband, Josh, have already made little Gannon a big brother! Recently, Mackenzie teased her Twitter followers with news that her family’s expanding sooner than expected, along with a link to an Instagram photo of the newest member: an adorable Boxer.

“Me and josh just have a growing family;)… meet our new son. I’m so in love,” she wrote with the pic. Hey, according to the “Snooki & JWOWW” school of parenting, dogs basically are kids, so welcome to the MTV fam, little one!

And there are even MORE big changes for The McKees: The newlyweds finally moved in to their own place! Gone are the days of fighting over where to spend the night with their son, as yesterday Mackenzie tweeted that she and Josh are settling into their “country and cozy” home just fine. The couple sure has come a long way since their roadside breakup!

Photo: Mackenzie McKee’s Instagram.

 ‘Catfish’ Artist Mike Bradley Painted A Beautiful Portrait Of ‘Teen Mom 3′ Tot Nova [Photo] 

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Nova poses underneath her portrait.

After Nev and Max helped artist Mike Bradley hunt down his ”Catfish” on the Season 2 finale, Mike thanked the Internet sleuths by drawing two portraits of them. It was a thoughtful gesture, and now it seems that Mike’s collection of MTV personalities is expanding. After spending a weekend with Briana and Brittany of “Teen Mom 3” (and possibly forming a love connection with the latter), Mike gifted the sisters a beautiful piece of art inspired by the person they treasure most in this world: Briana’s daughter!

“The entire family loves this painting that @bigmike85 did of Nova as a baby ???” Britt tweeted with the photo above of the little lady posing underneath her portrait. If Mike really is courting Nova’s aunt, we think he’s doing a pretty good job of cracking the Dejesus fam’s protective shell. Bonus points for creativity! Nova’s dad, Devoin, could learn a thing or two from this guy…

Check out the pic, and see Mike’s portraits of Nev and Max in this “Catfish” clip:

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Photo: @omqitsbritt

 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Bonus Scene: Mackenzie Admits Her Fear Of Being A Single Parent To Her Mom 

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During Monday’s “Teen Mom 3episode, Mackenzie decided to go on a girls-only camping trip to help her cope with her breakup with Josh, and she definitely had the right idea. Listening to advice from the women in her life — be it her girl friends, her sisters or her mom — was just what she needed to help her through the difficult time. In the bonus scene below, Mackenzie’s mom, Angie, takes her on a shopping trip to outfit all of her camping needs (including chocolate for s’mores, of course) and to lend a motherly ear to her daughter’s relationship woes.

“Josh is pretty adamant about needing space, right?” Angie asks her daughter. “Yup, so I’m gonna give him that space… He wants it, so there’s nothing I can do about it, so I just kinda have to deal with it,” Mackenzie replies. Angie positions herself as a sounding board so that Mackenzie can vent her frustrations and dig through to the root of the problem, which she’s somewhat known all along. ”I didn’t want to be [a single mom],” she admits.

“If you have to be a single mom, you be the best single mom in the entire world,” Angie encourages.

Check out the clip, and don’t miss “Teen Mom 3″ Monday nights at 10/9c!

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Sneak Peek: Mackenzie Enlists Her Mom’s Help To Confront Josh About His Lies 

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Though Mackenzie of “Teen Mom 3“ has been trying everything in her power to make her relationship work, her fiancé, Josh, continues to pull further and further away from her. After completely ignoring her texts and calls during the latest episode, Mackenzie was at her wit’s end, and in this sneak peek of the next episode, she brings her mom, Angie, in for reinforcement in hopes that they’ll be able to shake whatever’s bothering Josh out of him.

After the mother and daughter share a prayer in the car to give them the strength to confront Josh, they enter his home and get right to the point. “Since you won’t answer phone calls,” Angie begins, “and [Mackenzie]‘s not a good talker, I had to come see you.” Having just woken up from a nap on the couch, Josh is groggy, but doesn’t exactly look surprised by the intervention. He quickly attempts to quell Mackenzie’s suspicions — until he’s caught in a lie about where he’s been for the past few weeks. Apparently, Josh hasn’t been going to bull-riding practice like he’s claimed, confirming Mackenzie’s fear that he’s been avoiding her and Gannon altogether to spend time with his friends.

“Do you just want to be done with me forever?” she asks with tears in her eyes, to which Josh doesn’t have an answer.

Check out the clip, and don’t miss an all-new “Teen Mom 3″ Monday night at 10/9c.

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 Katie Of ‘Teen Mom 3′ Admits She And Joey Were Carbon Copies Of Her Parents [Video] 

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Among all iterations of “Teen Mom,” a common thread between the cast members has, without fail, always existed: No matter how trying the relationships with their babies’ fathers get, each of them still fantasizes of having the picture-perfect family. We saw Maci Bookout, Leah Calvert and other young women attempt time and again to make things work, only to have the relationships crumble, and now it seems that “Teen Mom 3“‘s Katie Yeager might be going down the same path.

On last night’s “Teen Mom 3: A Closer Look,” Katie told host SuChin Pak that she hoped to break the dysfunctional relationship mold that most other couples in her family have fallen victim to, but her efforts often proved futile. ”[Joey and I] are both separately really good people, but when we get together it’s like oil and vinegar,” she says in the clip below. SuChin then asks Katie if she ever had any healthy relationships to emulate, and Katie admits she’s never actually seen a “perfect family” in her own experience, which made it all the more difficult for her to break the pattern, despite trying with therapy. ”I told myself my whole life, I’m not going to have a relationship like my mom and dad…and [Joey and me] kind of were the exact same thing.”

+ Check out the video, and let us know if you think Katie and Joey still have a shot at staying together.

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