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 Amber Portwood And Daughter Leah Pose For ‘Goofy’ Selfie 

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Amber and Leah are a photogenic pair!

Kids…they grow up so fast.

Amber Portwood’s daughter, Leah, is no longer the little tot we saw on ”Teen Mom” — the vibrant 5-year-old is looking more and more like a big girl these days. While Amber is a fan of posting selfies, as well as sweet snoozing snapshots of her lil’ one, this is the first time in quite some time we’ve seen the beauties together in one frame.

“Me and booboo just being goofy…sending love everyone,” Amber tweeted yesterday, along with a heartwarming photo of the pair enjoying a cute cuddle. The young mom is giving her best kissy-face, while her little lady is looking away from the camera with an adorable wide-mouthed expression. Amber mini-me alert!

We last saw the mother-daughter duo in action on MTV’s catch-up special, “Being Amber,” in which they shared a loving reunion after Amber’s release from prison, and later celebrated Leah’s 5th birthday.

Keep the sweet snaps a comin’, ladies!

Photo: Amber Portwood’s Twitter

 Which Of The ‘Teen Mom 3′ Girls Changed The Most? 

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Despite a constant revolving door of drama over the course of “Teen Mom 3” (violent baby-daddy outbursts, broken engagements, a drug overdose…you name it), Mackenzie, Alex, Briana and Katie still managed to give their children the best possible care and learned a lot about themselves in the process. All four of the girls changed a lot since giving birth, but which of them made the biggest transformation? Check out a brief recap of each of their trajectories and take our poll!

The young dancer did everything in her power to parent Arabella without help from her addict ex, Matt, including working three jobs while trying to finish high school. Her temper got the better of her early on, and she often took her anger out on the loved ones around her; however, once she let Matt go for good, Alex’s mood changed, and by the end of the season she seemed to have turned over a new leaf. She even took setbacks, like having to repeat her senior year, in stride, finishing off the season with her sights firmly set on the future.

With an incredible family support system in place, Briana’s had lots of help with her daughter, Nova. One person who was almost always MIA, however, was Nova’s dad, Devoin. The two had a contentious relationship, not to mention the fact that her mom and sister weren’t exactly his biggest fans, but after letting the past go toward the end of the season, Briana seemed ready to allow Devoin back into Nova’s life — if he really wanted it.

After getting engaged to Joey, Katie thought her life was going to be picture perfect, and even had dreams of finally attending a four-year university. However, she and Joey couldn’t get their fighting under control, and when the two finally split up, he immediately started seeing another girl. Though devastated at first, Katie ultimately realized that it’s okay to be alone, and she and Joey came to a peaceful co-parenting resolution for Molli’s sake.

The high school cheerleader thought she and her fiancé, Josh, would be together forever. But after months of Josh pulling away both emotionally and physically, Mackenzie was at her wits’ end. She tried so hard to salvage their relationship by being supportive of Josh and his rodeo dreams, and when her efforts fell flat, she went to counseling to draw strength from within herself. Eventually Mackenzie worked up the courage to confront Josh and ask for what she needed, and though the relationship temporarily improved, their continued communication issues led to a dramatic breakup on the season finale.

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Photo: Colin Gray

 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Poll: Should Katie Quit Trying To Save Her Relationship? 

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After they couldn’t even put their differences aside during Katie‘s birthday getaway, Joey told his fiancé on tonight’s “Teen Mom 3” that their fighting had gotten completely out of hand, and it was time to break things off. But Katie just wasn’t ready to give up. She spent much of the episode telling Joey that they could “beat the odds,” and that she was happier with him than without him, but Joey had clearly already checked out.

Katie seemed to be grasping at straws to try and save her relationship, especially during the couple’s final screaming match, in which Joey reasoned — very loudly — that Molli will soon be old enough to understand her parents’ fighting, and she should not have to suffer the same fate he did growing up. When Katie finally kicked him out, we can’t imagine any viewer was left doubting these two are better off apart. Unfortunately, Katie is coming to the realization at a much slower pace.

+ What do you think? Should Katie finally call the time of death on her relationship with Joey, or should she keep fighting to keep her family intact, no matter what the cost?

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Sneak Peek: Joey Screams At Katie About Not Wanting To Scream In Front Of Molli 

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At the start of the “Teen Mom 3” season, Katie and Joey were at each other’s throats over a variety of issues ranging from Joey’s irresponsible spending habits to his disapproval of Katie’s modeling gig, but it still seemed as if maybe there was a chance they could salvage their relationship, especially after they attended couples’ counseling and discussed Joey’s pot habit. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, and now that the couple have split, the animosity between them has grown even stronger. In this sneak peek of the next episode, the two get into yet another screaming match…over how much they scream at each other.

Katie is visibly hurt when Joey drops off Molli with Katie by plopping her on the bed and quickly heading toward the door. “You’re leaving?” she asks, stopping him in his tracks. “You’re not even going to sit and talk to me?” Joey’s clearly not in the mood for talking, at least not at a normal decibel, and immediately lashes back at his ex. “Okay, what is it you don’t get?” he yells.

Katie begins to cry and accuses Joey of not trying to work things out, to which Joey claims Katie doesn’t “appreciate s**t.” After a beat, he does actually deliver a dose of logic, albeit in a very nasty tone. “We can’t do this in front of Molli,” he says. In a moment of painful honestly, Joey reveals that it was a nightmare growing up in his household, always being forced to hear his parents fight — not surprising, considering his own short temper — and that’s the last thing he wants for Molli.

Check out the clip, and don’t miss an all-new episode of “Teen Mom 3″ Monday at 10/9c.

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 Talk Of Mackenzie’s Faith Causes One ‘Teen Mom 3 After Show’ Guest To Break Down Crying [Video] 

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On tonight’s episode of “Teen Mom 3,” Mackenzie enlisted her own mother’s help to confront Josh about his lies, but before the two presented a united front inside Josh’s home, they bowed their heads in the car and prayed for the strength to fix the situation. Mackenzie’s family’s religious convictions have been evident since “16 and Pregnant,” but this was the first time we’d seen Mackenzie, herself, actually draw upon prayer for guidance. In our latest “Teen Mom 3 After Show,” host Maci Bookout asks whether the high school cheerleader would have reached out to a higher power if she’d been on a solo mission. “Probably not,” Mackenzie admits, inferring that while religion was a staple of her childhood and adolescence, it was not necessarily a source of personal redemption.

When Maci asks the other young mothers in the audience whether they rely on their faith when times gets tough, one girl in particular struggles to fight back tears. Mackenzie’s story has struck a chord deep within her.


“I mean, I do believe that there’s a higher authority than us humans,” Kenisha begins. “But I don’t rely on it as much as I used to, because I felt that when I did, things just got worse. So, not anymore.”

As another guest follows up the comment, tears begin to stream down Kenisha’s face, and Katie passes her tissues. When Maci asks what’s causing Kenisha to unravel, she shares that she was raised just like Mackenzie, and that she’s tried to believe, “but it just gets worse.” The entire room understands her frustration, some offering a delicate hand on the shoulder, and then Briana imparts some sage advice she’s no doubt learned from experience: “It has to get worse before it gets better, so just keep that in the back of your mind, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be okay.”

Check out the after show clip, as well as the scene from the episode which spawned the conversation.

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Sneak Peek: Brittany Is Fed Up And Ready To Fly The Dejesus Coop 

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The members of the Dejesus family support each other implicitly, but even the tightest of troops have their off days. Briana‘s sister, Brittany, has been championed by both Bri and her mom, Roxanne, for being the best aunt ever (complete with trophy!), but in this sneak peek from the next “Teen Mom 3” episode, the girl who has sacrificed so much to help her sister raise baby Nova seems to have finally had enough.

As the the family chats over a meal, Briana points out that her sister’s attitude has been foul all day. “I’m tired of having to deal with everybody else’s problems,” Brittany explains. “After Nova was born and all this commotion, I just can’t deal with it no more.” While Roxanne grows increasingly frustrated with Brittany’s bad mood, Briana tries to diffuse the situation, but to avail.

“I want to move away. It’s time that I flap my wings and fly far away,” Brittany says, to which Roxanne — in true Alpha mom form — calls her bluff. ”You want to pack up and leave? You can get up and go,” she says.

Check out the full clip and see how this fight pans out during an all-new “Teen Mom 3″ Monday night at 10/9c!

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Poll: Did Matt Deserve To Be Kicked Out Of Alex’s House? 

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Tonight’s “Teen Mom 3” reached an all-time high for relationship drama when Matt, who had been living under Alex and Wendy’s roof for weeks without making any substantial moves toward getting a job, lied to Alex about talking to another girl, and a screaming match of monumental proportions followed. In our years of covering reality TV, we’d never before witnessed someone remove his shirt so he could yell louder, and had never been so scared that a woman was about to be hit. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that.

After the fight, Alex’s mom, Wendy, went into protective mode and kicked Matt out of her home to prevent his abusive behavior from causing Alex more pain, but when Wendy told Matt to pack up his stuff, Alex was visibly upset. She tried to explain to her mom that she couldn’t let go of her child’s father that easily, but Wendy stood her ground, insisting the couple’s constant arguments were a bad influence on Alex’s younger siblings, not to mention Alex’s daughter, Arabella. The best way to nip the situation in the bud, she said, was to remove Matt from the physical environment. Hopefully her solution will prove to be more than just a Band-Aid.

+ What do you think? Was Wendy right to send Matt packing, or does he deserve another shot at redemption?

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 Watching Your Mistakes Brings Self-Awareness, The ‘Teen Mom 3′ Cast Says [Video] 

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The “Teen Mom 3” cast members struggle with many problems unique to premature parenthood, but Alex‘s story includes an issue familiar to a lot of young people in general: addiction. Alex’s baby’s father, Matt, has only been out of rehab for two weeks and already he’s hanging out with his old crew and showing signs of relapse, but on Monday’s episode, he agreed to go to couples therapy with his on-and-off girlfriend for the first time. Unfortunately, it was also the last time.

In the “Teen Mom 3 After Showclip below, Alex tells host Maci Bookout that she knew Matt wasn’t ready at that point to turn his life around, and though she admits to having being a little too hard on him, she says it was an act of self-preservation: “I just had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was up, and I didn’t want to let my guard down to him and get used.”

Though their single counseling session didn’t get Alex and Matt very far, she and the rest of the moms unanimously agree that watching their mistakes play out on MTV has been the best therapy around — even if it sometimes feels like they’re being forced to sit through a horror movie. “It’s shoved right in your face,” says Katie. “It’s like ‘Paranormal Activity.’”

Check out the video to hear more of the girls’ discussion:

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 Former ‘Teen Mom’ Couple Maci Bookout And Ryan Edwards Exhibit ‘Hills’-Level Club Drama [Video] 

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Maci and Ryan on “16 & Pregnant” in 2009, and today, on “Being Maci”

Now that “Teen Mom” exes Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout are settling into their 20s, and their son Bentley is a well-adjusted 5-year-old, it’s much easier for the two to let loose from time to time. But when their separate nights out with friends accidentally intersected on MTV’s “Being Maci” special, a little bit of booze and a lot of old feelings brought the former fiancés back to a long-forgotten place. Random romantic reunion in a dark, noisy nightclub? Are we sure this isn’t an episode of “The Hills“?

What was supposed to be a GNO for Maci takes a much different turn in this clip from the show. When the girls bump into Ryan and his buds at a spot called Raw, Maci digs into her old bf, asking him why he’s out when it’s his turn to be with Bentley (we’ve definitely heard this argument before!). Despite Maci’s initial attempt to give Ryan the cold shoulder, the two soon gravitate toward one another, and fall back into familiar flirty territory. “You look sexy,” Ryan coyly tells his ex after she expresses her wish for his own happiness. “Don’t even start with that!” she replies, unable to hold back a smile for her old high school sweetheart. She’s clearly not taking too much offense to his compliment.

It certainly doesn’t signal wedding bells, but for every “Teen Mom” fan who’s still pulling for Maci and Ryan to give it one last go, it’s reassuring to see there are still boatloads of chemistry between them. Check out the video and see for yourself!

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