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 Maci Bookout Breaks Down The Meanings Behind Her Many Tattoos 

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Maci Bookout shows off a subtle pencil tat on her right arm.

Some people prefer to keep the meanings behind their tattoos as private as their social security numbers, but Maci Bookout is coming clean about her vast body art. In a recent blog entry, the former “Teen Mom” cast member shared the inspiration for her more pronounced pieces — something she’s kept secret until now. From the word “bulletproof” etched into her right shoulder used to remind her of her strength, to a pencil on her forearm that represents her “weapon of choice,” Maci’s collection of ink truly tells a story about her life.


Maci’s canvas.

“I think of them as pieces to my puzzle,” the young mother writes in her online diary. “No matter how big or small, they put me together. I love them, and I don’t give a damn if you love them or not.” One of Maci’s tats that’s hard to miss is a piece of notebook paper that spans the better part of her back and reads, “When my heart hurts worse than my head, that is when I will get scared…and that is when I will know, that it is worth it all.” She says the work reminds her of her love of writing. The name “Bookout,” which is inscribed toward the bottom of the sheet, uses three cupcakes as “O”-replacements to represent her mother, dad and brother. Fond memories of childhood birthdays, perhaps?

Oh, and just for a little bit of fun, Maci updated the panel to include the very same rubber duck that’s built into the “Teen Mom” logo. “Being on MTV was a huge part of my life, this was my way of incorporating that in to my back piece,” she notes.


Maci’s ink pokes through the side of her cutoff shirt.

For more on Maci’s tats, including the meanings behind her pocket watch marking and “learn to feel” sentiment, take a look at her blog entry.

Photos: Colin Gray, Maci Bookout’s Instagram

 Is Amber Portwood Staying On The Straight And Narrow? 

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The last time MTV filmed Amber Portwood, it was 2012 and she was wearing a prison uniform. In “Amber Behind Bars,” the former “Teen Mom” cast member sat down with Dr. Drew to talk about her addiction to opiates and what led to her jail sentencing. She appeared hopeless and alone, desperately missing her daughter Leah and still having difficulties communicating with her ex, Gary. Without the necessary support, would she be able to stay sober and learn from her mistakes?

Well, after watching last night’s “Being Amber,” the answer seems to be a yes! MTV captured the young mom on film the day she was released from jail, and it was as if viewers were looking at a totally different person. Amber couldn’t stop smiling through her first post-prison meal — a cheeseburger and chocolate shake — and her reunion with Leah was absolutely touching.


Amber credited much of her newfound serenity to a chant she learned in rehab: “Be calm, be true, be quiet. Accept criticism, as well as accept praise. Be true to your highest ideal.” And what she learned in anger management classes also helped to keep her temper in check, which came in handy when she and Gary clashed over how to celebrate Leah’s 5th birthday.

By the end of the special, things truly looked to be on the upswing for Amber. While in prison, she got her G.E.D., and now that she’s out, she’ll continue to work on her sobriety and hopefully help others avoid getting into her same situation. She and Gary seem to be officially off again, and that’s probably best for them both.

“Gary and I may be through, but my new life has just begun,” said Amber, optimistically. “Every day brings new challenges and I have so much I plan to do with my life. I will no longer be defined by my past. All I know is, if I can keep taking the next right steps, anything’s possible.”

+ Do you think Amber will stay out of trouble? Watch the special, and let us know your thoughts.

 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Reunion Bombshell: Mackenzie And Josh Confess To Cheating On Each Other [Video] 

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Josh and Mackenzie‘s relationship went from bad to worse throughout the “Teen Mom 3” season, eventually ending in a roadside breakup, but little did we know the two were hiding even more skeletons in their closet off camera. On tonight’s “Teen Mom 3: Finale Special,” the on-again couple revealed just how deep their troubles actually went.

“He wasn’t giving me the attention I wanted, and other guys were,” Mackenzie tells Dr. Drew in the first clip below while fighting back tears, adding that Josh had pulled away from her so much, he couldn’t bring himself to even be the slightest bit affectionate. Mackenzie says that Josh’s lack of interest caused her to seek comfort in another guy, and when Dr. Drew asks if she cheated, she remains silent. “Oh, you were cheating?” Dr. Drew presses, to which Mackenzie affirms through nervous laughter and a hesitant nod.

When Josh found out about her unfaithfulness, she says, he retaliated and had a one-night stand with another girl, which in turn taught her a painful lesson. “I realized how bad it hurt,” she shares.

+ Check out the videos below to hear Mackenzie and Josh discuss their infidelity, and tell us if you’re shocked by their admissions.

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 Katie Yeager’s Latest Tattoo Is A Sweet Nod To Her Daughter, Molli [Photo] 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


Katie Yeager shows off her new inner-arm ink.

Katie Yeager‘s no stranger to ink. The “Teen Mom 3” cast member already sports a number of tats, from a Shakespeare quote on her shoulder to a tiny dotted bow on the inside of her finger, but her latest trip to the tattoo parlor was especially meaningful, because it involved inscribing a tribute to her daughter, Molli, on her arm.

While Katie’s fellow teen mom, Alex Sekella, had her daughter Arabella’s footprint tattooed on her shoulder during filming, Katie just got Molli’s birth date inked on her inner arm a few days ago, and shared her new piece with her Instagram followers straight from the parlor. ”The reason behind my strength 8-18-11,” she posted with the photo above. While it’s definitely more subtle than Amber Portwood‘s portrait of daughter Leah, the sentiment is the same: Their kids mean the world to them. And just so you know, the pain of the needle is NOTHING compared to childbirth!

+ Check out the “Teen Mom 3 After Show” clip below to hear Alex explain why she got her tattoo, and let us know what you think of Katie’s in the comments!


Amber Portwood’s belly tattoo of daughter Leah’s face.


Alex Sekella admires her brand new tattoo of Arabella’s name and footprint.

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Photo: Katie Yeager’s Instagram, Star magazine

 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Bonus Scene: Alex Mentally Prepares Herself For Arabella’s Future Boyfriends 

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After a turbulent year filled with numerous disappointments, Alex finally got to take a (temporary) load off on the “Teen Mom 3finale when her own mother, Wendy, treated the entire family to a tropical vacation. In this bonus scene, Wendy and Alex take a moment in between all the fun in the sun to discuss the past with clearer vision, and to prepare themselves for possible struggles that lie ahead.

“It was a tough year,” Alex acknowledges. “And we all needed, like, a vacation after all the drama and the bull, and having to, like, physically kick Matt out of the house.” At the mention of Alex’s ex, Wendy seizes the opportunity to share her true feelings about him. ”[Matt's] a mom’s worst nightmare, okay?” she says, and warns her daughter that Arabella may one day fall for the charm of bad boys like him. “When you love someone…you overlook things because you like them that much,” Alex says, somewhat defending her initial attraction to Matt. Wendy understands, yet still implies that Alex will have a new perspective on the matter when Bellie’s a teenager.

“Try your hardest to just prepare her for the things to not overlook.” Wendy advises. “And when she can’t overlook them, watch her back.”

Check out the scene for more of Wendy’s advice, and don’t miss the two-hour “Teen Mom 3″ reunion, Monday night at 10/9c!

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Poll: Was Joey Cheating On Katie? 

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If there was any hope that Katie and Joey would work things out on “Teen Mom 3,” it all went to hell in a hand basket on tonight’s episode, when Joey handed his ex a letter explaining that, though he still loved her, he was now seeing someone else. Katie was not only heartbroken, but angry that Joey already had a new girlfriend, especially because it had only been three days since he and Katie officially called it quits.

Katie never outright accused Joey of cheating, but she certainly insinuated that his ability to move on so quickly could have something to do with an affair. When the two were trying to figure out how to divvy up their daughter’s belongings, you could cut the tension with a knife, and it all came to a head when Katie commanded that Joey never take Molli to his new girlfriend’s house. Minutes later, their fight turned uglier than ever before, with Katie’s mom even calling the cops.

While it doesn’t seem like the worst thing that these two are finally throwing in the towel on their relationship, it’s frightening to consider what Molli’s childhood will be like if they continue to argue so viciously.

+ What do you think: Was Joey cheating on Katie with his new girlfriend? Take our poll, and tell us how you feel about the couple finally breaking up.

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Sneak Peek: Katie’s Mom Calls The Cops On Joey 

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Between Roxanne doling out some harsh words to Devoin and Alex‘s mom, Wendy, kicking Matt out of the house, we’ve seen the “Teen Mom 3“ grandmas get mighty protective of their daughters and grandchildren numerous times, but in this sneak peek of the next episode, Katie‘s mom, Luci, really unleashes a fury upon Joey.

In the clip below, Luci tries to stop him from storming out of his and Katie’s apartment with Molli. “Joseph, don’t do this,” Luci pleads, while trying to physically block the doorway as he shouts expletives in her face. When Molli starts to cry amid all the commotion, Katie demands through tears that Joey hand her over. After her daughter is safely back in her arms, she retreats to the bedroom as Luci calls the police. “I have the cops on the phone,” she threatens Joey, to which he fires back that he doesn’t care, and then forces her out of his home. If Katie and Joey’s relationship wasn’t done before, this will surely be the final nail in the coffin.

Check out the video, and don’t miss an all-new “Teen Mom 3″ Monday night at 10/9c.

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 Katie’s And Mackenzie’s Relationship Troubles Are Nothing New For Teen Moms 

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By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Both Katie and Mackenzie found themselves in trial separations with their fiancés on last night’s “Teen Mom 3episode, and both were naturally torn up about it. Katie didn’t want to be alone, insisting she and Joey could beat the odds, but Joey was too sick of fighting, and knew it would eventually be detrimental to their daughter, Molli. It’s unlikely the couple will make their way back to each other.

In Mackenzie’s case, Josh was barely communicating with her, and when he did finally text her, it was to ask her to collect her stuff from his house. He wasn’t around when she arrived, and after waiting for him to return for almost an hour and unsuccessfully trying to get through to him by phone, she gave up. Later, Mackenzie admitted to her friends that bringing a baby into their relationship at such a young age had taken a toll on them.

Not that it’s any consolation, but what Katie and Mackenzie are going through is pretty typical for teen moms. According to national data, less than a year after a baby is born, more than half of teen mothers aren’t living with their child’s father. Of those, one in three say they either avoid each other all together or they fight a lot. Among those who do live together, one in three teen moms say they argue often about relationships, responsibilities and money. In addition, more than one-third of all teen moms report feeling depressed every week.

Dealing with the day-to-day drama of teen relationships while trying to be a parent is extremely difficult. To find out how you can avoid getting pregnant before you’re ready, head over to MTV’s It’s Your Sex Life website.

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 Why Briana’s ‘Teen Mom 3′ Visit To The Gyno Was So Important 

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By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

If there were a theme to last night’s episode of “Teen Mom 3,” it would be that it’s better to be safe than sorry. While Briana was reluctant to buy over-the-counter condoms at the store due to fear of being judged, she still had the good sense to see a doctor about getting on birth control before she began dating again. She’s already had an unplanned pregnancy, and as much as she loves Nova, she doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

The doctor talked Briana through some of her options and she decided to get an IUD. The IUD is a great choice because it’s more than 99 percent effective and really low maintenance — once it’s in, you’re good to go for years. Before the doctor can give someone an IUD, the patient needs to have a Pap Smear, a test conducted during the pelvic exam to check for infection, abnormal cells or cervical cancer (learn more about how the Pap test is done and why it’s so important here), but that’s as involved as it gets.

In contrast to Briana, her sister Brittany had no problem buying condoms at the grocery store, but she decided at the last minute that she couldn’t deal with the exam at the doctor’s office. She’s still working through her emotions after having an abortion, and the experience of being in the exam room was uncomfortable for her. If you or someone you know is going through something similar, check out, plus make sure to head over to MTV’s It’s Your Sex Life website to learn more about the IUD and all the other birth control methods that are available. If you’re having sex, you need to protect yourself, plain and simple.

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 Maci Bookout Leads A Candid Discussion On The ‘Slut’ Stigma Of Buying Condoms [Video] 

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From high school guidance counselors to public transportation ads, pleas for teens to practice safe sex are everywhere. Even we here at MTV provide pregnancy prevention resources on top of dramatic shows like “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom 3” that demonstrate just how much of a struggle unplanned parenthood can be. The teen birth rate is down, so we know you’re listening, but we also know there’s a difference between hearing the message and actually doing something about it.

Ultimately, developing the confidence and discipline to take control of your sex life is on you, and only you. In an enlightening clip from our latest “Teen Mom 3 After Show” below, host Maci Bookout leads a discussion on how, even after experiencing the struggles of pregnancy, some of the cast members still find it embarrassing to buy condoms. When Maci lightheartedly pokes fun at Briana for making her sister, Brittany, do the drug store exchange during tonight’s episode, Briana’s response is relateable for all the young women in the room: “I was so nervous, sweat was coming down,” she shares. “Like, you ask, I’m not asking. They’re gonna think of me like I’m some kind of slut.”


Katie explains that she’s used an IUD for birth control ever since her six-week post-pregnancy check-up, but out of utter fear that she’ll end up pregnant again, she doubles up with condoms. It’s a commendable precaution, and she’s found the perfect way to avoid judgment at the local pharmacy: ordering them online!

Maci, however, has the best advice in the room: “Next time someone looks at you funny, just be like, ‘These are for my daughter.’”

Check out the clip, and join the discussion in the comments!

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 Alex Of ‘Teen Mom 3′ Questions Whether Matt’s Overdose Was Accidental [Video] 

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Nobody would dispute that Alex Sekella of “Teen Mom 3” can get pretty emotional when dealing with her baby’s father and ex-boyfriend, Matt McCann, but in this clip from last night’s “Teen Mom 3: A Closer Look,” Alex remains impressively composed when host SuChin Pak brings up Matt’s heroin overdose.

“I don’t know what was going through his head, but I also don’t think it was a call for help,” she tells SuChin in response to being asked about whether the overdose was accidental. “I do feel like he was just trying to…um, kind of just leave.” Alex goes on to say that while she was numb to the idea that Matt may have been trying to commit suicide, it pained her to consider how such an event could traumatize their daughter, Arabella. ”I just don’t understand, you know, it’s like you have this beautiful child to live for and you don’t give two you-know-whats about it,” she laments.

It’s too early to tell how Arabella will be affected by her dad’s drug abuse, but as we’ve seen time and time again on this series, even the youngest of kids can suffer negative consequences from their parents’ irresponsible behavior. “She has to live with what he’s done for the rest of her life,” Alex says. “She can either grow from it, or she can get stuck in it.”

Check out the “Closer Look” clip, as well as video from our latest online after show of Alex sharing her first reaction to hearing about Matt’s overdose.

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 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Tot Arabella Sekella Busts A Move On The Mats At Gymnastics Class [Video] 

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Bellie shows off her “Rocky”-inspired pre-workout gear.

As a dance teacher, Alex Sekella of “Teen Mom 3” is constantly keeping in shape, but her daughter, Arabella, is taking physical fitness to adorable new heights. The amazingly ambitious tot, who announced her intention to run for president not too long ago, may now have another career goal in the works: competing at the Olympics!

In a video that’s so cute you might flip, little Bellie shows off the strength she’s built up from two years of lifting Legos and exploring with Dora, and we’ve got to say, we may have the next Gabby Douglas on our hands! Not only does she land a back-walkover like a seasoned pro, the multi-talented tyke also shows off her superior crawling, hopping and screaming skills with the ferocious spirit of a true champion. Girl’s got the eye of the tiger!

Check out Arabella’s gymnastics prowess:

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Photo: Alex Sekella’s Instagram