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 Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Announce They’re Trying To Have A Baby! 

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On “16 and Pregnant,” after some incredibly emotional soul-searching, teenagers Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra decided to make an adoption plan for their daughter, Carly. In their eyes, they simply didn’t have the means to offer a child a suitable living environment, but they’ve grown up a ton in the five years since they appeared on the show, and now, both in their early 20s, Catelynn and Tyler have announced on Twitter that they’re trying to have a baby!

“I am an adult and I can tell when I’m ready and idc what ANYONE says I’m gonna do me! We ARE READY for a baby,” Catelynn posted yesterday, and also told InTouch that she and Tyler, who both have full-time jobs caring for developmentally disabled adults, are now a solid enough couple to take on the responsibility. “We’ve learned from what our parents did wrong,” she said. “Tyler and I own our own home, have two cars and actually have money to support a kid.”

Though Tyler called off the couple’s planned wedding while on VH1′s “Couple’s Therapy,” and he and Catelynn continued to sort through relationship issues on the recent “Teen Mom” follow-up special, “Being Catelynn,” 79 percent of Shows Blog readers who took our poll said they still think Catelynn and Tyler belong together, with reader damngina noting “They have all the big, tough commitments of a long-term relationship down.”

Tell us what you think of Cate and Ty’s big news!

 Farrah Abraham Addresses Sex Tape In MTV Special: ‘I Live Without Regret’ 

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Unlike some of her former castmates, Farrah Abraham hasn’t spent much time out of the public eye since her days on “Teen Mom.” She’s written two books (a memoir, “My Teenage Dream Ended,” and a children’s e-book, “Passy Perfume“), released a signature brand of hot pepper pasta sauce and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, caused much controversy by starring in a highly publicized sex tape, which has become the central topic of many group and individual counseling sessions throughout her stint on the current season of VH1′s “Couples Therapy.”

“Making a sex tape changed the course of my life forever, but some of my biggest challenges have been my greatest teachers,” the 22-year-old said in last night’s “Being Farrah.” I live without regret.”

In the one-hour follow-up special, we saw how public criticism has taken its toll on the young mother, who recently relocated her family to Austin, Texas, where she’s trying to function as a normal person away from the flash bulbs of the paparazzi. In between media interviews and club appearances, Farrah strives to be home as much as possible so she can do “typical” mom things, like take her daughter Sophia to pre-school and dance classes.

Farrah lives an unconventional life, but on the show, she adamantly denied being a “porn star,” and seemed to long for the stability of a healthy, romantic relationship. Still, how easy will it be for her to find a good guy who is okay with her foray into adult films? Time will tell. In the meantime, she’s only concerned with the opinion of one person: her daughter.

“I don’t know if Sophia will understand my choices,” Farrah admitted, “but I hope one day she knows everything I’ve done has been to support us.”

+ Did you watch “Being Farrah”? Tell us what you think of Farrah’s plight.

 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Bonus Scene: Alex Mentally Prepares Herself For Arabella’s Future Boyfriends 

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After a turbulent year filled with numerous disappointments, Alex finally got to take a (temporary) load off on the “Teen Mom 3finale when her own mother, Wendy, treated the entire family to a tropical vacation. In this bonus scene, Wendy and Alex take a moment in between all the fun in the sun to discuss the past with clearer vision, and to prepare themselves for possible struggles that lie ahead.

“It was a tough year,” Alex acknowledges. “And we all needed, like, a vacation after all the drama and the bull, and having to, like, physically kick Matt out of the house.” At the mention of Alex’s ex, Wendy seizes the opportunity to share her true feelings about him. ”[Matt's] a mom’s worst nightmare, okay?” she says, and warns her daughter that Arabella may one day fall for the charm of bad boys like him. “When you love someone…you overlook things because you like them that much,” Alex says, somewhat defending her initial attraction to Matt. Wendy understands, yet still implies that Alex will have a new perspective on the matter when Bellie’s a teenager.

“Try your hardest to just prepare her for the things to not overlook.” Wendy advises. “And when she can’t overlook them, watch her back.”

Check out the scene for more of Wendy’s advice, and don’t miss the two-hour “Teen Mom 3″ reunion, Monday night at 10/9c!

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 Katie Speaks Candidly About Joey’s New Girlfriend On The ‘Teen Mom 3 After Show’ [Video] 

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Teen Mom 3” viewers have expressed plenty of opinions about Joey’s decision to start dating so soon after (or was it before?) breaking up with Katie, but regardless of how the end of their relationship played out, it’s essential the two eventually become civil in order to co-parent. Clearly they’ve got much work to do in order to make that happen — the former couple’s fighting has only intensified lately, and the presence of Joey’s new girlfriend, Brigette, is sure to create more resentment.

Though most of you would agree that Katie and Joey are better off apart, their separate living situations will now complicate how they care for their daughter, especially now that there’s another woman — with her own child — in the mix. In the clip below from the “Teen Mom 3 After Show,” Katie shares what it was like to let Molli stay with her ex — and Brigette — overnight.


“I hadn’t left her side in a year, and she had been attached to me for so long,” Katie tells host Maci Bookout when asked to pinpoint the hardest part of being away from Molli for the first time. On top of it all, Katie didn’t consider Brigette much of a role model. “My thing with her is that I didn’t trust her,” she says. “I knew her beforehand, and she was, in my mind, not the kind of person I would ever choose to bring around Molli.”

Watch the clip to hear more from Katie on the aftermath of her breakup, including her admission that, despite her better judgment at the time, she would have gotten back together with Joey “in a heartbeat” if he’d asked.

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 The ‘Teen Mom 3′ Cast Says They Won’t Shield Their Kids From Watching The Show [Video] 

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Though the young women of “Teen Mom 3” have learned a lot from watching their personal struggles unfold on the show, it’s their children they hope will once day benefit most from the lessons imparted. In the exclusive interview below, Alex SekellaBriana Dejesus and Katie Yeager discuss the necessity of letting their daughters see the footage at some point, despite the discomfort it could cause.

“I want to show [Nova] it, but then I’m scared, like, I don’t want her to hate me because it looks like I’m not letting her father into her life,” Briana says, worried that her and Devoin’s fighting might come off the wrong way. With respect to her own situation, Katie shares that she’ll want to wait until her daughter, Molli, is mature enough to understand the ramifications of her rocky relationship with Joey. Regardless of timing, though, all of them agree that “Teen Mom 3″ will serve as a useful tool in teaching their kids on the hardships of unplanned pregnancy.

“I want Arabella to learn, like, ‘Don’t do that, don’t do this. Mommy made all these horrible mistakes,’” Alex admits, hoping that her choices will help guide Bellie toward a brighter future.

Check out the full interview:

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Photo: Colin Gray

 Teen Mom 3′ Bonus Scene: Katie’s Dad Is Skeptical Her Engagement Will Last 

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Katie Yeager‘s already admitted that her relationship with fiancé Joey mirrors her parents’ tumultuous one, and in the bonus scene from Monday’s “Teen Mom 3“ below, she meets up with her dad, Russell, to talk about her recent engagement. Suffice it to say, he’s not exactly jumping for joy at the idea of his little girl getting married, and with his own rocky relationship history, we can hardly blame the guy for being a bit skeptical.

“How long do you think that’s gonna last?” Russell asks with an air of both concern and amusement. When Katie insists they’re going to have a long engagement and not rush into anything, he rolls his eyes. “You think this proposal would have happened if you hadn’t got pregnant?” he asks his daughter. Katie acknowledges that Joey probably wouldn’t have bought a ring if it wasn’t for Molli, but it’s not like they don’t love each other…right? Hmm. Despite saying she wants to be happy, Katie’s clearly struggling to convince her father — and herself — that marriage is the answer.

+ Check out their full conversation, and let us know if you think Katie’s heart is truly in her relationship.

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 Teen Mom Briana Dejesus Brings Nova To Disney For Her Second Birthday [Photos] 

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Nova may be posing with Goofy, but her face means business!

Going to Disney World for the first time is a milestone no child forgets, and two lucky “Teen Mom 3” little ladies have already been introduced to the happiest place on earth by their doting mothers. Over the weekend, the entire Dejesus clan followed in Alex Sekella and daughter Arabella’s footsteps with a trip to the Magic Kingdom, and b-day girl Nova tore up the place like a kid in a candy store.

“Happy Early Birthday Nova!” Briana tweeted yesterday, along with a photo of the entrance to the park, which was then followed by a flurry of adorable pics throughout the rest of the day. From meet-and-greets with gigantic cartoon characters to seeing live shows, Nova, as well as Mama Briana, Auntie Brittany and Grandma Roxanne, seemed to have the time of their lives. The love was apparent from the album’s worth of photos posted to social media, but this tweet from Auntie Britt sums it all up perfectly: “Happy Birthday Nova! All the sacrifices, struggles, tears, fights were all worth it. Having you in our family is the biggest blessing ever!”

Check out all the cuteness!


Nova greets Mickey Mouse with a big hug.


Nova gets some love from Princess Sofia.


The Dejesus ladies grab a shot with some “Monsters.”

NovaBrittShowtimeNova and Aunt Brittany take in the Disney Junior live show.

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Photos: Briana Dejesus’ Instagram account.

 ‘Teen Mom 3′ Sneak Peek: Matt Flies Off The Handle When Alex Accuses Him Of Ignoring Arabella 

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So much for Alex and Matt’s ability to calmly discuss their issues. Just three weeks into “Teen Mom 3,” the on-again-off-again couple has experienced some major setbacks (remember Matt’s “sandwich” search?), but on the next episode, their tempers soar to new heights and reach a dangerous boiling point. In this sneak peek, Matt’s lies, coupled with his unwillingness to care for Arabella, send Alex over the edge, and even her mom, Wendy, can’t keep the two from raging.

When Alex confronts Matt about slacking on his parental responsibilities, Wendy’s attempts to play mediator fall flat. Matt tries to escape the scene with a friend, but Alex grows even more infuriated that he’s choosing to hang with a buddy over watching his daughter. “I’m just sick of this innocent little girl getting f**ked over by him!” Alex shouts. “What? I can’t hear you, why don’t you yell again,” Matt antagonizes, at which point Wendy unsuccessfully tries to break up the argument again. She only fuels the fire, with Matt ripping off his hoodie as if he’s about to get into a street fight and screaming right into Alex’s face. We have a feeling this won’t end well…

Check out the clip, and don’t miss an all-new “Teen Mom 3,” Monday night at 10/9c.

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 That’s What You Said…About MTV’s Upcoming ‘Teen Mom 3′ Premiere 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.

Every Friday we thumb through your comments from the most talked-about post of the week and highlight each side of the argument. Check out the latest That’s What You Said below and make sure to share your own opinion!


Teen birth rates might be on the decline, but the struggles of young mothers remain the same, so when the “Teen Mom 3trailer went live on Remote Control earlier this week, viewers were immediately reminded of all the ups and downs that Alex, Briana, Katie and Mackenzie went through on “16 and Pregnant.” Addiction, domestic disputes and the possibility of marriage will all be addressed in the upcoming third installment of the series, and though the babies are all beautiful, their circumstances are sometimes anything but.

Old fans and intrigued new viewers alike hit up Remote Control and Facebook to share their reactions after getting a glimpse of what’s to come. Take a look at reader input below, and tell us what you’re hoping to see — or not see — when the show premieres on Monday, August 26 at 10/9c!

Remote Control:
“Not gonna lie, that made me wanna cry, but excited to see their stories.” — Jackie

“I CAN’T WAIT! I especially loved Briana’s ’16 and Pregnant’ episode. I remember it made me cry to see what she was going through with her baby daddy.” — Lauren

“I would like to see one relationship work out.” — Susie

“Wow, these girls have more drama than ever. I seriously hope teens watch these shows to realize that teen motherhood is nothing to joke at.” — Anna N.

“I think it is something all teens should watch if they are planning on getting pregnant. It is no fun, just watch what these girls go through.” — Arline F.

“Am I the only one who started tearing up a bit for those babies? Such a shame that the teen dads act like that and are violent towards the mothers of their children.” — Cassie M.

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 Is Maci Bookout’s Son The Next Ryan Sheckler? [Video] 

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Is this the face of MTV’s next great stuntman?

Sure, going for a ride on a rocking horse is all well and good, but no great stuntman ever broke ground by sticking around the house. “Teen MomMaci Bookout‘s renegade son, Bentley, recently put the preschool crowds to shame when he took to the skate park at only 4 years old and made his way around the ramps and rails like a seasoned pro. Could this mean we have the next Ryan Sheckler on our hands?

In the Keek video below, Maci documents her aspiring BMX pro‘s first spin around the park, and her kiddo looks right at home, bobbing and weaving around the concrete. It pains us to admit, but we could barely manage to get upright on a Huffy at Bentley’s age — even with training wheels — so watching him traverse a terrain that’d make many adults nervous is pretty impressive. We’re just waiting for mom to join in the fun — don’t let your own expertise go to waste, Maci!

Check out Bentley’s smooth moves:

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Photo courtesy of @MaciBookoutMTV