Awkward (Sex) Life Lesson: To Do It, Or Not To Do It?

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On “Awkward.” Jake is hot and in love with Jenna. Reeeeally hard to be her these days right? Except it is, because Jenna isn’t sure she feels the same way.

So what can be done? Jenna decides that it may be time to have sex with Jake, after friends tell her it might help sort out her feelings. Too bad she accidentally told him she thought she was ready out loud over the school’s intercom. Ummm NIGHTMARE.

After that school-wide embarrassment, Jenna begins to question herself and asks,  if sex won’t really clarify anything “is it worth the risk?”

Clearly, things can get tricky when it comes to deciding when it’s time to start having sex or not. You might hear a lot of different opinions, from your friends and from your bf/gf. There’s no cheat sheet for this part of life — “when am I ready?” is a question only you can answer. Jenna is right not to rush off to the sanctuary with Jake at the first possible moment without thinking through the risks. After all, sex comes with a lot of baggage — the only 100% effective method of preventing pregnancy and STDs is just not having sex. If you want to wait, check out these tips for talking with your boyfriend/girlfriend about it. We also love that just because Jenna’s had sex before, she doesn’t feel like she has to rush with Jake—it’s okay to say no at any point in any relationship.

If you decide to have sex, make a plan to protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy BEFORE you’re in the situation. Learn more about the different methods available to you at What Works/What Doesn’t.

Stay tuned next week to find out how Jenna handles this situation she set up for herself. Good thing Jake is a nice guy…her behavior lately has been a little coocoo for Cocoa puffs. Until next time, stay Awkward!

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