‘Awkward.’ Starts the Season Off Right: With a Giant Box of Condoms

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Awkward.” fans rejoice! Season two is finally here and the season premiere was packed with family drama, love-triangle confusion, and of course some seriously awkward moments.


Jenna’s dad started the ep off with one of the most original Christmas gifts we’ve ever seen a dad give his teenage daughter: a GIANT box of condoms. There was no long parenting talk with it — he just said it was a symbol of how much he cares about her.

The gift gets Jenna and her new almost-boyfriend Jake talking about their future, and their pasts. Jenna tells Jake she has used condoms before, her way of letting Jake know he wouldn’t be her first. Jake isn’t pumped to hear that news but when she gives him a chance to opt out, he turns that down and tells her “I’m all in.” After the honest talk, Jenna decides to DTR — define the relationship — and she and Jake become Facebook official. While we’re sure we haven’t seen the last of the triangle, it is way refreshing to see an almost-couple have a real, mature talk about protection, so big ups to Jenna’s dad for just taking the plunge, making the purchase for them and getting the conversation going!

+ WATCH: Jenna opens her Christmas presents.

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Think bringing up condoms with your own hookup/bf/gf would be way too awkward for words? It shouldn’t be! As Jenna and Jake showed us, talking about protection is not a big deal, it’s just the natural next step to take if you think you might be ready to have sex. Here are a few facts that can help you through the protection talk:

+ Condoms are the ONLY method of protection that prevents pregnancy and can help protect you from STDs. That means that using condoms is smart for everyone involved –imagine how stressful a pregnancy scare would be…now think about how easy it is to use a condom in comparison to that!

+ Condoms are WAY easy to get. You can buy them at drug stores, convenience stores, grocery stores and a lot of health clinics have them for free! Don’t be nervous making the purchase. You are making a decision to protect yourself and the person you’re involved with, nothin to be ashamed about here.

+ Condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly. But ya gotta know how to use them for them to work! So read up here.

So take a move from Jenna’s book and get talking about protection and condoms before the clothes come off. You can find a ton more information on all your sexual health related questions at It’s Your Sex Life. And stay tuned for more Awkward moments, we can’t wait to see how Matty responds to the new couple alert…

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