Awkward: Who’s the Third Wheel?

“My boyfriend’s boyfriend was my secret ex.” Looks like the messy love triangle is far from over on Awkward. Now that Jenna is officially dating Jake, it’s no surprise that Matty isn’t too happy. Tricky part is, Jake still doesn’t know about Jenna and Matty’s secret past. Will he ever find out?

In last night’s episode, not only are new relationships forming, but friendships and even marriages are crumbling down. After Jenna’s mom finally confesses to Jenna’s dad about her letter to their daughter, family dinners went from three at the table down to two after her dad decided to take some time away to cope with the news. Then there’s Jenna and Matty’s weird friendship taking a toll now that Matty is stuck in between Jenna and Jake, OR is it Jenna who is stuck in between Jake and Matty? Goes to show there are always new ways relationships can get complicated.

At the end of the episode, we see Matty and Jenna finally come face to face and talk their issues out. She even confronted Matty about trying to sabotage her new relationship. And on the Jake-Jenna sides of the equation, the two are getting more affectionate than ever. Does this mean Jenna will eventually be Jake’s first? If so, let’s hope they are thinking and talking about protection before they get any closer.

Check out some tips below to keep in mind if you or a friend is in a new relationship:

++Communicate: Communication is especially important when you need to talk about big decisions, especially when it comes to whether or not you are ready to have sex. If you aren’t comfortable doing something, it’s important to talk openly with the other person. And if you do decide that you are ready to have sex, talking about protection and getting tested before the clothes come off.

++Trust: Trust means not freaking out if your boyfriend/girlfriend likes to spend time with other friends. It may take time to build trust in a relationship, but invading’s someone privacy or trying to control what they do will make it impossible to have a real and healthy relationship.

++Respect: Respect means valuing the other person’s opinion, treating them well, and not trying to make someone feel bad about themselves. A healthy relationship builds you up, it doesn’t tear you down. It’s your sex life and you should feel empowered in your relationship to make your own decisions!

Jake and Jenna seem to be good at the communication part, and they definitely seem to respect each other, but if Jake finds out about Matty will he still be able to trust Jenna??




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