Before New Paramore Single, Hayley Lent Her Voice To Those In Need

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Bimonthly, we’ll take an artist on the rise on the MTV Music Meter and, to help you discover them a little more, detail some of their philanthropic tendencies — from Mika to Ellie Goulding. This week: Paramore!

Paramore is baaaaack! The band’s new single “Now” is out now, leading up to the April 9th release of their self-titled fourth studio album. But what else has the band been up to since Brand New Eyes dropped almost four years ago? Turns out they’re all about giving back in their spare time!

+ Paramore Fights Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

The kids of Paramore are huge supporters of Love146 — an organization devoted to fighting child sex trafficking. On meeting a group of female sex trafficking victims at one of their shows, lead-singer Hayley said, “We were expecting to meet a group of people that were lifeless and frail. And at one point, they were…but the girls that we got to meet that night were dancing and laughing and holding on to us like they were the happiest people in the world. I didn’t understand how people who had been imprisoned and treated like they weren’t even human could be so happy now. Made all the problems in my life seem so insignificant.”

+ Paramore Supports Disaster Relief

Paramore is currently selling exclusive photos to fans to raise money for disaster relief. Each set of photos is just $20, and 100% of the money raised will be donated to the Red Cross for Sandy relief. Take action below if your walls need more Haley on ‘em!

+ Paramore Protects Marine Life

Oops. Wrong ginger.

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