Beyoncé Gives $7 Million to Help Homeless + 5 Other Things to Know Today

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+ Beyoncé Gives $7 Million to Help Homeless

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We all know that Beyoncé makes A LOT of money, but we don’t always know that she gives A LOT of it to charity. That’s ’cause sometimes Bey keeps her charitable endeavors quiet, but now Rev. Rudy Rasmus, who married Beyoncé and Jay-Z, is reporting that she’s given seven MILLION dollars to help homeless people in Houston. “She’s an incredible human being,” Rev. Rudy Rasmus said, pretty much stating the obvious.

+ Marriage Equality in Utah

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So what’s up with marriage equality in Utah? First it looked like it was happening, and then state politicians tried to stop it. There’s been fighting in court, and now the state of Utah is going to the Supreme Court to try to keep same-sex couples from marrying.

+ Microchips as Birth Control?


Can microchips become a form of birth control? Bill Gates is backing work on a potential form of birth control that would be in the form of a microchip. A professional would have to implant it the way you need doctors to implant an IUD, but then it would stay in there and work for 16 years. And you could turn it off with a remote control. Would this be a freaky perfect form of birth control, or could people grab remote controls and wreak havoc? IDK, this still just sounds like sci-fi, man.

+ Prince William and Prince Harry Support Young Leaders


Selfies just got the royal treatment, with Princes William and Harry posing for one. Then they took part in a Google Hangout where they talked with young leaders from all different countries. And, it turns out, both Princes give some pretty good advice. “Always believe in yourself and don’t give up on your quest,” said Prince William, and Prince Harry went on, “Don’t give up, and if it’s a lack of confidence and belief then team up – there are people out there who share your passion.”

+ #OperationGirl with John Legend

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The activist website RYOT is hooking up with Burkle Global Initiative and singer/feminist/awesome-guy John Legend for #OperationGirl, a major fundraising event to help women and girls. Different nonprofits will be contending in this super necessary campaign, and this is going on through August 18. The nonprofits get to keep whatever they earn, and RYOT will also be dispensing extra donations.

+ A Hedgehog Has a B-day Party Because Of Course

+ Watch Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog

And, in other news, the genius who brought us Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos is back. This new cuteness masterpiece is a “Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog.” There’s a miniature b-day party with a hedgehog and two hamsters eating tiny pieces of cake. And wearing birthday hats. Nuff said.

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