Can You Handle A Digital Baby?! Take The ‘Pregnancy Text’ & You Could Win $2,000

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We’ve all heard about pregnancy tests, but how about pregnancy . . . text?! Yup, you heard right. From May 14 through June 4, is launching a unique campaign called Pregnancy Text to prevent teen pregnancy through the use of your cell phone.

The idea is to show that raising a baby isn’t easy, and that if you have a baby, it’s going to deserve a lot of attention and hard work. DoSomething won’t be giving you a baby doll to take care of (or — even worse — an egg), but it will be giving you your own digital baby. If you go to their website, you can “give” one of your friends a “baby” for twelve hours. If you give a baby to 5 friends you qualify for a $2,000 scholarship. What happens when you give a baby?

For half a day, your pal’s phone will be announcing when the baby needs attention — when it’s feeding time or time to change diapers. says this campaign focuses on guys as well as girls, because it doesn’t think it’s fair when pregnancy prevention campaigns only target girls. So how about some girls out there give their BFs a digital baby?

When it’s over, gives you info on teen pregnancy. ‘Cause if you have a real baby, it won’t go away in twelve hours . . . and unlike your phone, you can’t turn it off when you need a break.

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