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 Maci Bookout Pleads Her Case For ‘Dislike’ Buttons On Social Media 

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Maci Bookout has got some bones to pick with social media users.

In 2014, high school reunions are basically obsolete. Through the power of social media, you can learn the latest about old friends’ surprise engagements, births of first children or long-awaited promotions, but for all those happy, exciting announcements, there’s plenty of needless, mindless filler to match, and Maci Bookout wants to stop the madness. Or, at least be offered the courtesy of a “dislike” button.

In a blog entry the former “Teen Mom” cast member posted today, she lays down her gripes with certain social media users’ bad behavior, and pleads her case for why giving people an option to “thumbs-down” status updates and comments might actually do some good. After all, the Internet is not the place to air your own dirty laundry, post nonsense from the gym or attack our country’s best and brightest, she says, and the many offenders need to be told so!

“In my opinion, when people are publicly bashing our own leaders on social media platforms seen worldwide, it makes our country look weak,” she writes. “I find it quite embarrassing. Keep in mind: there is no line without a leader, no leader without a line.”

And for good measure, Maci continues, don’t post news stories even you don’t understand, think twice before WRITING IN ALL CAPS JUST TO GET ATTENTION and never, ever, ever, tag selfies of yourself “working.”

…which, we’ve never done…obviously…haha…what?…

+ See more of Maci’s argument about why a “dislike” button might help keep social media users in line, and tell us if you agree!

Photo: Maci Bookout’s Instagram

 Maci Bookout Breaks Down The Meanings Behind Her Many Tattoos 

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Maci Bookout shows off a subtle pencil tat on her right arm.

Some people prefer to keep the meanings behind their tattoos as private as their social security numbers, but Maci Bookout is coming clean about her vast body art. In a recent blog entry, the former “Teen Mom” cast member shared the inspiration for her more pronounced pieces — something she’s kept secret until now. From the word “bulletproof” etched into her right shoulder used to remind her of her strength, to a pencil on her forearm that represents her “weapon of choice,” Maci’s collection of ink truly tells a story about her life.


Maci’s canvas.

“I think of them as pieces to my puzzle,” the young mother writes in her online diary. “No matter how big or small, they put me together. I love them, and I don’t give a damn if you love them or not.” One of Maci’s tats that’s hard to miss is a piece of notebook paper that spans the better part of her back and reads, “When my heart hurts worse than my head, that is when I will get scared…and that is when I will know, that it is worth it all.” She says the work reminds her of her love of writing. The name “Bookout,” which is inscribed toward the bottom of the sheet, uses three cupcakes as “O”-replacements to represent her mother, dad and brother. Fond memories of childhood birthdays, perhaps?

Oh, and just for a little bit of fun, Maci updated the panel to include the very same rubber duck that’s built into the “Teen Mom” logo. “Being on MTV was a huge part of my life, this was my way of incorporating that in to my back piece,” she notes.


Maci’s ink pokes through the side of her cutoff shirt.

For more on Maci’s tats, including the meanings behind her pocket watch marking and “learn to feel” sentiment, take a look at her blog entry.

Photos: Colin Gray, Maci Bookout’s Instagram

 Farrah Abraham Responds To Her Haters: ‘I’m Blowin All The Bullies Away’ 

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Farrah in her music video for “Blowin.”

Earlier this week, former “Teen Mom” cast member Farrah Abraham released a music video for her new single, “Blowin,” and everyone from Gawker to the mailman had something snarky to say about it. From cracks at the song’s lyrics to unoriginal puns about its title (seriously, guys, stop gobbling up the bait), the negative comments still continue to fill her Twitter feed. But you have to hand it to Farrah: She truly doesn’t give a crap.

We reached out to the young mother to get her response to all the haters, and to find out whether there will be more music projects in her future. Here’s what she had to say:

What was your inspiration for “Blowin”?
It came about when I thought of just getting air and getting away from the negative people in my life. The bullies, road blocks… I knew after singing it to my daughter that I should actually pursue making a real single.

How do the lyrics represent where you are in your life right now?
The lyrics represent my life right now because I’ve overcome the negativity. I stepped away and got what I needed to succeed with self-love and a stable environment, which led me to understanding that by just being who I am is all I need in this world. I was happy to share this positive message.


Farrah carries her daughter Sophia across a field in her music video for “Blowin.”

Did your daughter Sophia like being part of the video?
Sophia wanted to be a part of the last scene we shot that day. It made me really happy, and, to be honest, I don’t think the music video would be the same without her. Children already ignore others and take time on their own, and I think that is something adults should refer back to as they deal with the everyday hustle of the world.

There were a lot of haters posting comments online after the video went up — what do you have to say to them?
I’m blowin all the bullies away.

What’s up next in terms of your music projects? Will you release another single soon?
I work on songs as they come, so I look forward to releasing another single in the future. I try to have all my songs relatable for my daughter in a fun and upbeat way that has a meaning.


Farrah in MTV’s “Being Farrah” catch-up special.

MTV recently aired a catch-up special with you called “Being Farrah” — what was it like to be back on the channel again? 
I really enjoyed watching the “Being Farrah” special, and I think fans did, too. It was good to see the original cast of “Teen Mom” shown in a realistic perspective — with our recognition of being on TV, our lives being [talked about] in magazines and social media, traveling, doing other shows… It showed how we’re affected by it.

Are you glad you did “Couples Therapy,” and what did you take away from the experience?
“Couples Therapy” was another life-changing experience for myself. Dr. Jenn Berman picked me up and turned my life around for the better. I had just experienced another bad boyfriend’s behavior and therapy helped me make changes within myself. I’m thankful my parents also got to come get more therapy with me, which led to a lot of “Ah-ha” moments in everything I needed to change. Watching all the episodes afterward and seeing how others perceive things in such a negative light helped me realize my strength and gear my focus on a brighter future.

Check out Farrah’s music video for “Blowin,” as well as MTV’s recent follow-up special with her, which, yes, addresses the sex tape.

 Farrah Abraham’s ‘Blowin’ Video: A Shareable, Lyric-By-Lyric Guide 

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Farrah Abraham is once again “blowin” up all over the Internet. The good news? It has nothing to do with a sex tape. The bad news? She’s still not getting any love from the public. Like, any. Yesterday, the former “Teen Mom” cast member released a music video for her new single, “Blowin,” to not-so-stellar reviews; however, the frequency by which the You Tube link was passed around was incredibly impressive. The girl certainly has a way of keeping herself relevant!

Much of the chatter around Farrah’s video was focused on its imagery (shots include the single mom — clad in a billowy, ethereal dress — holding her daughter Sophia in the park and snappin’ selfies with fans at the club), as well as the self-written lyrics, so we’ve taken the liberty of creating a shareable, frame-by-frame presentation that combines both. Behold, Farrah Abraham’s “Blowin” in pictures.








 Former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Releases Video For New Song, ‘Blowin’ 

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Blowin cover

Farrah Abraham’s new song is called “Blowin.”

Good news for anyone who ever wondered if/when former “Teen MomFarrah Abraham would release new music following her 2012 album debut, My Teenage Dream Ended (the accompanying soundtrack to her memoir of the same name). Earlier today, Farrah uploaded a video for her dance-pop song, “Blowin.” Featuring an appearance by her adorable daughter, Sophia, as well as live-action screen shots of her various social media pages, the video captures the true essence of the single mom.

TM Farrah Blowin 3.jpg

Farrah is a dancing avatar in her video for “Blowin.”

Also in the video, Farrah takes time out to hang out with fans and let them snap selfies with her. Later, she is touched by their RTs and ongoing support.

TM Farrah Blowin 1

Farrah always has time for her fans.

Written and produced by the controversialCouple’s Therapy” cast member, “Blowin” expresses a message of female empowerment and strength, especially when bullies try to drag you down. For example, there are valuable lessons to be learned in lyrics like, “Let the hate stack up/Positivity push through,” which is wisdom Sophia can definitely benefit from.

TM Farrah Blowin 2

Farrah and Sophia wear matching chiffon.

Watch the official video for Farrah’s new song, “Blowin,” and tell us if it blows you away.

Also check out: MTV’s “Being Farrah” follow-up special for the real story on the former teen mom’s sex tape:

Photo: Farrah Abraham’s Twitter

 Is Amber Portwood Staying On The Straight And Narrow? 

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The last time MTV filmed Amber Portwood, it was 2012 and she was wearing a prison uniform. In “Amber Behind Bars,” the former “Teen Mom” cast member sat down with Dr. Drew to talk about her addiction to opiates and what led to her jail sentencing. She appeared hopeless and alone, desperately missing her daughter Leah and still having difficulties communicating with her ex, Gary. Without the necessary support, would she be able to stay sober and learn from her mistakes?

Well, after watching last night’s “Being Amber,” the answer seems to be a yes! MTV captured the young mom on film the day she was released from jail, and it was as if viewers were looking at a totally different person. Amber couldn’t stop smiling through her first post-prison meal — a cheeseburger and chocolate shake — and her reunion with Leah was absolutely touching.


Amber credited much of her newfound serenity to a chant she learned in rehab: “Be calm, be true, be quiet. Accept criticism, as well as accept praise. Be true to your highest ideal.” And what she learned in anger management classes also helped to keep her temper in check, which came in handy when she and Gary clashed over how to celebrate Leah’s 5th birthday.

By the end of the special, things truly looked to be on the upswing for Amber. While in prison, she got her G.E.D., and now that she’s out, she’ll continue to work on her sobriety and hopefully help others avoid getting into her same situation. She and Gary seem to be officially off again, and that’s probably best for them both.

“Gary and I may be through, but my new life has just begun,” said Amber, optimistically. “Every day brings new challenges and I have so much I plan to do with my life. I will no longer be defined by my past. All I know is, if I can keep taking the next right steps, anything’s possible.”

+ Do you think Amber will stay out of trouble? Watch the special, and let us know your thoughts.

 Farrah Abraham Addresses Sex Tape In MTV Special: ‘I Live Without Regret’ 

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Unlike some of her former castmates, Farrah Abraham hasn’t spent much time out of the public eye since her days on “Teen Mom.” She’s written two books (a memoir, “My Teenage Dream Ended,” and a children’s e-book, “Passy Perfume“), released a signature brand of hot pepper pasta sauce and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, caused much controversy by starring in a highly publicized sex tape, which has become the central topic of many group and individual counseling sessions throughout her stint on the current season of VH1′s “Couples Therapy.”

“Making a sex tape changed the course of my life forever, but some of my biggest challenges have been my greatest teachers,” the 22-year-old said in last night’s “Being Farrah.” I live without regret.”

In the one-hour follow-up special, we saw how public criticism has taken its toll on the young mother, who recently relocated her family to Austin, Texas, where she’s trying to function as a normal person away from the flash bulbs of the paparazzi. In between media interviews and club appearances, Farrah strives to be home as much as possible so she can do “typical” mom things, like take her daughter Sophia to pre-school and dance classes.

Farrah lives an unconventional life, but on the show, she adamantly denied being a “porn star,” and seemed to long for the stability of a healthy, romantic relationship. Still, how easy will it be for her to find a good guy who is okay with her foray into adult films? Time will tell. In the meantime, she’s only concerned with the opinion of one person: her daughter.

“I don’t know if Sophia will understand my choices,” Farrah admitted, “but I hope one day she knows everything I’ve done has been to support us.”

+ Did you watch “Being Farrah”? Tell us what you think of Farrah’s plight.

 Should Catelynn And Tyler Of ‘Teen Mom’ Stay Together? 

Reported by MTV Remote Control.


By Leslie Simon

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been through more in five years than most couples face in a lifetime. On “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” we saw them struggle with their choice to make an adoption plan for their daughter, Carly, and watched how the decision affected their relationship. When the series wrapped, the two had plans to head down the aisle, but after a tumultuous appearance on VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy,” Tyler called off the wedding.

At the time, it remained unclear whether or not Cate and Ty would ever get their happy ending, but during last’s night’s “Being Catelynn” special, we learned the two are indeed still together. The nuptials remain on hold, however, as they continue to sort out their issues. Thankfully, both have a ton of stuff to keep them distracted: They bought a house, take care of Catelynn’s sister, Sarah, and also travel the country speaking about their experience on MTV and the importance of safe sex. Catelynn still wears her ring, but will it remain on her finger?

“We do have an untypical love story,” Catelynn said in the special. “We’ve climbed mountains we thought were unreachable. But when all is said and done, we have faith in ourselves, faith in others and faith in our love. Without that, we’d be lost.”

+ What do you think — after watching “Being Catelynn,” should the pair tie the knot, or is time they call it quits? Take the poll, and sound off on their relationship in the comments.

 MTV To Air ‘Teen Mom’ Follow-Up Specials ‘Being Amber,’ ‘Being Catelynn,’ ‘Being Farrah’ 

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A lot can change in a person’s life from the time they’re a teenager to a twentysomething, and we’ve seen pronounced proof of this by following the stories of MTV’s teen moms. But while we’re very much up to date on what’s going on with Leah Calvert, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin and Chelsea Houska of “Teen Mom 2,” the fifth season of which is currently running on the channel, it’s been a year-and-a-half since the series finale of the original “Teen Mom” aired, and the little we hear is usually based on gossip.

Beginning at 8/7c on Sunday, February 23, MTV will premiere a trio of one-hour documentary specials that give viewers a chance to catch up with Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham. “Being Amber,” “Being Catelynn” and “Being Farrah” will offer a glimpse into all three young ladies’ worlds as they struggle with new responsibilities: Amber is just out of jail and trying to reconnect with her daughter, Leah, while staying with her grandparents in Indiana; Catelynn is coping with a cancelled engagement to longtime boyfriend Tyler; and Farrah, who’s now 22 and living thousands of miles away from her mother, is dealing with her controversial choice to make an adult entertainment film. In a nutshell, things are different, but still…complicated.

“Being Farrah” airs at 8/7c on Sunday, February 23, followed by “Being Catelynn” at 9/8c and “Being Amber” at 10/9c. Stay tuned to the blog for more info, including a sneak peek.

 Mackenzie McKee Of ‘Teen Mom 3′ Gives Birth To Baby Girl — See The First Pic Of Jaxie Taylor 

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Mackenzie looks blissful, yet (justifiably) wiped out, after labor.

Mackenzie and Josh McKee of “Teen Mom 3” are officially a family of four! (Okay, five if you count the other adorable — albeit furry — new member of their family.) The high school sweethearts welcomed a baby girl, Jaxie Taylor McKee, on Friday afternoon, just two days after Mackenzie tweeted a photo of her very large 37-week baby bump.


One last pic for her followers before heading into labor.

Weighing in at 8 lbs., 9 oz., Jaxie is the second child for the former high school cheerleader and her husband, who also have a two-year-old little cowboy, Gannon. The Oklahoma natives have certainly had a whirlwind six months, with a recent camo-and-lace-themed wedding and a big post-Thanksgiving move into their new house.

Despite some bickering and bumps in their country road, the two remain strong in their relationship, and really, only one question remains: Will Jaxie take the bull by the horns and try to follow in her dad’s spur-marked footsteps, or will she be doing toe-touches and high-flying stunts like her cheerleading mama? Our vote’s for BOTH!

+ Wish Mackenzie and Josh a big congrats in the comments, and check out this blast from the past of Gannon’s televised birth.

Photo: Mackenzie McKee’s Instagram.

 Maci Bookout And Her Son Take The South’s Deep Freeze In Stride With A Sledding Adventure [Video] 

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Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley, are winter warriors.

Atlanta isn’t having much luck with 2014′s extreme winter weather, but just a little bit north in Tennessee, Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley, are taking advantage of the uncharacteristically cold climate. The “Teen Mom” duo recently took to their neighborhood’s hilly roads with a sled, and what starts out as a peaceful ride in Maci’s Keek videos below becomes a battle for survival when some oncoming traffic throws the pair for a loop. Use The Force, guys!

While celebrating a snow day, which Maci says almost never happens in her neck of the woods, she and Bentley set off in a neon green toboggan and throw caution to the wind. “A car’s coming!” Bentley suddenly shouts amid cheers and laughter. “Go! Turn! Go! We’re gonna be OK!” Finally, after a true white-knuckle ride, the mother and son arrive safely by the side of the road, and even though the near-death experience is still fresh on their minds, Bentley is ready for more. “Let’s do it again!” he pleads. “Oh, Lord,” Maci responds.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us how you’re handling the insane cold!

Jan 28, 2014 | SNOW DAY FINALLY!! ?????????? by MaciBookoutMTV on

Jan 28, 2014 | dont keek and sled ?????????????????????? by MaciBookoutMTV on

Photo courtesy of Maci Bookout’s Instagram

 New Study Points To Direct Link Between MTV Programming And Reduced Teen Birth Rate 

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Last year, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that – across all racial and ethnic groups — the teen birth rate had been cut in half since 1991. After the research broke, Bill Albert, the Chief Program Officer of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, told the Christian Science Monitor that he believed more access to contraception, coupled with shows like “16 & Pregnant” and its “Teen Mom” spinoffs, which demonstrate how difficult teen parenting can be, played a role in the huge decline. And today, a new study was released by the National Bureau of Economic Research backing Albert’s theory that the MTV series have indeed contributed to falling teen birth rates across the country.

In a paper written by Melissa S. Kearney, the director of the Hamilton Project, a research group in Washington, and Phillip B. Levine of Wellesley College, birth records were compared with Nielsen television ratings since “16 & Pregnant”‘s debut in 2009, and found that the teen birth rates declined faster in areas where youth were watching more MTV.

While the ratings account for other programming besides “16 & Pregnant” and the “Teen Mom” franchise, the study also reported spikes in web searches and tweets about birth control and abortion during the episodes’ airings, signaling an increased awareness about the topics. All of these findings combined “ultimately led to a 5.7 percent reduction in teen births in the 18 months following ["16 and Pregnant"'s] introduction,” the study concluded, which “accounts for around one-third of the overall decline in teen births in the United States during that period.”

Sarah Brown, Chief Executive of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, told The New York Times that the study is proof of the shows’ educational potential. “You can have all the sex-ed you want,’ she said, “but if you can say, ‘Could that happen to me?’ That brings a reality and a heightened connection that is very significant for teenagers.”

+ Check out Wellesley College’s handy infographic breaking down the study, and make sure to tune in for the Season 5 premiere of “Teen Mom 2,” January 21 at 10/9c. Plus, for information on preventing pregnancy, head to MTV’s It’s Your Sex Life website.

 Infographic: Wellesley College