[Deleted Scene] D-Real’s Turf Feinz Crew Reflects on Fatherhood + Mistakes

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Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

In this week’s “World of Jenks” bonus clip, Andrew Jenks got some face time with The Turf Feinz to find out what they think about being fathers. They opened up about what they learned from their fathers, what mistakes they’ve made, and what their hope is for their kids.

D-Real admitted that he knows he made one mistake as a father: he regrets that his son “won’t be able to grow with his mother and his father in the same house.” Greg, one of The Turf Feinz members, shares that he was late to the hospital, which meant he actually missed out on his child’s birth.

The group also agreed that having kids changed them in ways they didn’t expect. D-Real explained that his son “really showed me what love is,” while someone else chimed in that his kid is always on his mind, no matter what he’s doing. Check out the clip below to find out what else the group had to say.

+ Watch ‘World of Jenks’ Ep. 8 Deleted Scene: “Turf Feinz on Fatherhood

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