Ed Sheeran + Taylor Swift Have Kids That Get Schooled Together in New Video

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Photo: (Big Machine Records, LLC.)

Photo: (Big Machine Records)

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran treated fans to a surprise performance of their duet “Everything Has Changed” at yesterday’s Capital FM Summertime Ball. The talented duo suuuure have been doing a lot together lately. From TV gigs, to U.S. tours, to sitting next to each other at awards shows … hmm.

Although they could just be friends, I can’t help but picture their musically gifted, ginger-haired offspring every time I see them together. Another thing they have in common: super-sweet music videos.

+ Watch Taylor Swift’s “Everything Has Changed

7 million kids miss a month of school every year, but not Taylor’s! In the “Everything Has Changed” music vid, she and Ed are parents of two adorable children who go to school together (and happen to look just like them). Taylor recently teamed up with Get Schooled to motivate her fans to stay educated. Aside from the obvious benefits of getting an education — who knows? — you may just meet the love of your life in the lunchroom!

All I’m sayin’ is, I wouldn’t be mad or surprised if Ed and Taylor becoming something more than friends. They’re both refreshingly kind, they make beautiful music together, and “Ted” rolls off the tongue way better than “Brangelina” or “Kimye.”

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