Everyone Has A Reason For Waiting To Have Sex… Right?

Reported by MTV Act.


By Amy Kramer of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

So, right now on “Virgin Territory,”Luke has a serious girlfriend now but he won’t have sex before marriage for religious reasons.  Anike thought she would wait for marriage too but now she’s planning to do it with Julian for their one-year anniversary. Shelby hasn’t lost her virginity yet because she “hasn’t found a guy that’s worth giving that to.” Anna was also raised religiously, but things with Alex are going well and she’s thinking about going all the way soon. Do you see yourself in any of these stories? Chances are you do.

In a recent survey from MTV and The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, young adults who haven’t had sex yet were asked about their own reasons for waiting. The most popular ones were waiting until marriage (37%) and not having found the right person yet (35%).   At least one in five said they’re waiting until they fall in love, they just don’t feel ready yet, religious reasons keep them from having sex, or they don’t want to risk pregnancy. About one in six said they wanted to avoid sexually transmitted infections, they hadn’t had the opportunity yet, or their parents would be disappointed in them. Can you relate?

Virgins in the survey were also asked whether they would rather have sex as soon as possible or wait for the right time before they have sex – 90% said they’d prefer to wait. Does that surprise you?

Bottom line: Sex is a big deal, with physical and emotional consequences, and any reason you might have for not wanting to do it (even if you’ve done it before) is reason enough.

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