Got Thoughts About Being a Virgin? You Can Share Them Anonymously.

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Didja catch the premiere of “Virgin Territory” last night? The idea of the show is to reveal how people have different opinions, thoughts and experiences with virginity, and take away some of the stereotypes that surround being a virgin or not being a virgin.

Fifteen young people get their stories told on the show, but of course countless others have their own personal stories and thoughts on virginity and being a virgin. If you’d like to anonymously share your story or thoughts, you can do so on the free app Whisper. No pressure if you don’t want to, but if you do want to, this could be a fun and safe way to express yourself and have a dialogue with other people.

Here are just a few examples, but these are far from the full discussion of this topic.


If you have any questions about sex, like how to keep yourself protected if and when you have it, check out It’s Your (Sex) Life. It’s Your (Sex) Life will give you the deets on protection so you know how to keep yourself safe and happy.

In the meantime, it’s now in your court to tell us your virginity stories. No stereotypes, no judgement, just realness and honesty!

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