STD Testing FAQ

 Why should I get tested? 

 Wouldn’t I know if I or my partner had an STD? 

 Which STDs should I get tested for? 

 What’s involved in testing? 

 Where do I go to get tested? 

 Who will know? 

 How much will it cost? 

 What happens next if I test positive for an STD? 

How do I tell my partner that I have an STD?

Some conversations seem really hard to have. Telling someone you have an STD is one of them. But it’s not just about you. Your partner needs to know so he or she can get tested and treated if necessary. Everyone gets an STD from someone else. Part of stopping the spread of STDs is open communication, so Get Yourself Talking. This is never an easy conversation, but it is a very important conversation to have. Many couples report that this conversation actually brings them closer together.

Make a plan. As soon as you’re ready, you should bring it up with your partner. You could talk to someone else about it first and practice what you’re going to say. You could journal about it or practice talking in a mirror. You could even write your partner a letter. The main point is just to communicate. Be there for your partner the way you hope he or she would be there for you.