STD Testing FAQ

 Why should I get tested? 

 Wouldn’t I know if I or my partner had an STD? 

 Which STDs should I get tested for? 

 What’s involved in testing? 

 Where do I go to get tested? 

 Who will know? 

How much will it cost?

Costs can vary from health center to health center, and depend on which tests you get. Many health centers/clinics offer low-cost or even free testing. Others offer tests on a sliding scale (based on what you can afford). And most accept health insurance. If you’re uninsured or prefer not to use your health insurance for STD testing, you can talk to your health center/clinic about payment options. Be sure to ask about cost when you call to make your appointment.

 What happens next if I test positive for an STD? 

 How do I tell my partner that I have an STD?