Team GYT


Allie Bashuk

Atlanta, GA

“This is the most exciting time to grow into your shell. Fashion is art, so just like any art form - figure out what moves you and why you like it.”

Allie Bashuk infuses her creative, entrepreneurial spirit in every community she touches.   As a college student in Georgia, Allie started a campus fashion blog that has since grown into a college lifestyle blog with campus chapters across the country. The blog now covers the latest in fashion, music, news, and philanthropy for college students.   In Atlanta, Allie works for the quarterly magazine, Young, Foxy & Free, that highlights Atlanta’s local art and fashion scene. Allie is a real life Local Wanderer- always up for an adventure and exploring and uses her eye for style to discover the next up-and-coming people, places, or trends in Atlanta.

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