Team GYT

Paper Twins

Atlanta, GA

“As girls entering the male-dominated realm of street art, instead of posturing and acting tough we have always stayed true to ourselves, making girly pieces and doing things at our pace. The GYT campaign has a strong message about knowing oneself; we couldn't agree more with this sentiment.”

When Paper Twins, known in the art scene as Nica and Edgar A. English, are not drinking coffee, working in a coffee shop or dressing alike, they’re busy beautifying Atlanta with their signature wheat paste street art (artwork made from a combination of colored paper, flour and water).   Their art brings mystery to their community, since they put up their work throughout the city anonymously at night. Paper Twins believe in using public art to help promote an appreciation of their city and surroundings, viewing the city streets as canvases that they can interact with.

As an artistic duo, Paper Twins blend their individual influences and styles to create playful scenes.

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