Happy Bday, Ke$ha: 5 Ways The Warrior Has Made A Big Diff!

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Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

March 1 is an incredible day in the music world, because both Ke$ha and Justin Bieber were born on it. Pisces FTW! Ke$ha’s already partying it up for her 26th year with birthday waffles and cats, but like Justin, she also has a big heart and we’re here to celebrate five ways she’s made a difference with her “Crazy, Beautiful Life.”

+ Same-Sex Marriage

Ke$ha is a big-time supporter of LGBT rights, including the right to marry the person you love, no matter what their sex is. She showed her excitement at the possibility of same-sex marriage becoming the real deal in England, encouraging her UK fans to step it up for love.

+ Animal Activism

You know that Ke$ha fans are called animals, but the singer doesn’t just send love to her fan army. She also sends love to animal-animals. The “C’Mon” singer does a lot of work for the Humane Society International, and recently she Sweet Tweeted about a campaign to get lions included on the Endangered Species Act.

+ Ke$ha Supports The Troops

On Memorial Day, she makes sure that the men and women in uniform know that they’re appreciated. Along with Nicki Minaj, Pete Wentz, Justin Timberlake and other celebs, she used the holiday to Tweet her gratitude, saying, “Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all the amazing men and women who put their lives on the line to serve our country…”

+ She Totally Rocks the Vote

As you all know, 2012 was a big election year, and Ke$ha worked as an ambassador for Rock the Vote to encourage young people to get educated on the election and cast their ballots. We all did go out in droves to vote, so it looks like our gurl did her job!

+ Ke$ha Resists Labels

Not everyone likes to be labeled, especially when it comes to their sexuality. Talking about this to Seventeen, she said, “I don’t love just men. “I love people. It’s not about a gender. It’s just about the spirit that exudes from that other person you’re with.” In an interview with Out, she also said, “I wouldn’t say I’m gay or straight — I don’t like labeling things anyway. I just like people.”

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