Kinda Weird, But Super Important: Talking With Your Parents About Sex

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By Amy Kramer of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

When we meet Luke, the newest castmate of “Virgin Territory” we see a 21 year old, good looking, all-American boy. Also a virgin? Maybe a little surprising perhaps, but to Luke, it’s been made clear by his family that sex is something you save for marriage. Girlfriends are cool and all, but it is his relationship with God that’s Luke’s #1 priority.

At one point in this episode, we see Luke talking with his dad about what it’s like for him in college, and about being tempted to go all the way, but ultimately abstaining. His dad empathizes, as he knows what it’s like to be Luke’s age. For most twenty-something’s, a similar conversation could be pretty awkward. Sure, all of our parents were our age at one point, but talking about something like sex or birth control can be weird when your parents still see you as their child. But the best way to be treated as an adult is to act like an adult, and that means making sure you know how to protect yourself if you’re going to have sex, whether it be your first time or your 100th.

Among young adults who haven’t had sex yet, about half of women and 40% of guys have thought about what kind of protection they’re going to use their first time. Having a plan in place before you have sex will make the “in the moment” decision a lot easier, and sometimes that means talking to your parents about it, so they can find you condoms or help you get on the pill. Making smart choices when it comes to contraception means thinking about your future, and it will help your parents see you as a responsible adult.

That’s not to say it’s been easy for Luke. As he says, the most difficult part of being a virgin is the whole not having sex thing. If he wasn’t religious, there would be no way he’d be a virgin. We’d like to think that if that was the case, he’d also be super responsible about birth control. For more about birth control, like the different kinds out there, how to use them and where to find them, check out And for more other resources on sexual health, visit


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