Levi Maestro on STD Testing: ‘It Feels Good to Know What’s Up’

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Levi Maestro is on a serious roll. The successful skateboarder and star of his own online series is now adding clothing designer to his list of accomplishments. Maestro is also an original member of Team GYT, MTV’s Get Yourself Tested campaign, so he gave us an update on his life and his philosophy for STD Awareness Month this April.


Catch us up on life, what have you been working on lately?

I have been shooting many videos and new episodes of my show Maestro Knows. I also began working on a new brand that I’m going to launch that will be skateboards and t-shirts. That’s coming in April and all the stuff is made in Los Angeles and I’ve been overseeing that—it’s been really fun. And I’ve been pushing to get my show to television, that’s been an ongoing process but definitely making progress.

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What is your latest obsession, something you are really into that your fans might want to know about?

That’s a cool question! I think making these products I’m working on, it’s been really exciting to see stuff that I will use on a daily basis and it’s my own and an officially built brand. That’s been really cool, I’m doing it myself and I hope people will react well to it.

What inspired you to sign on to Team GYT?

Just the idea of being responsible for oneself, especially in the benefit of others. It makes a lot of sense to be prepared and to be aware. I can really appreciate that the GYT brand is trying to encourage that.

April is STD Awareness Month so what is one thing you think everyone should know about STDs or testing?

That it feels good to be aware. That’s how I feel, it feels good to know what’s up instead of guessing or wondering or hoping.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing about life or relationships what would it be?

To follow my heart, it always tells you the right thing to do. It’s as simple as that.

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