Maci Bookout Pleads Her Case For ‘Dislike’ Buttons On Social Media

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Maci Bookout has got some bones to pick with social media users.

In 2014, high school reunions are basically obsolete. Through the power of social media, you can learn the latest about old friends’ surprise engagements, births of first children or long-awaited promotions, but for all those happy, exciting announcements, there’s plenty of needless, mindless filler to match, and Maci Bookout wants to stop the madness. Or, at least be offered the courtesy of a “dislike” button.

In a blog entry the former “Teen Mom” cast member posted today, she lays down her gripes with certain social media users’ bad behavior, and pleads her case for why giving people an option to “thumbs-down” status updates and comments might actually do some good. After all, the Internet is not the place to air your own dirty laundry, post nonsense from the gym or attack our country’s best and brightest, she says, and the many offenders need to be told so!

“In my opinion, when people are publicly bashing our own leaders on social media platforms seen worldwide, it makes our country look weak,” she writes. “I find it quite embarrassing. Keep in mind: there is no line without a leader, no leader without a line.”

And for good measure, Maci continues, don’t post news stories even you don’t understand, think twice before WRITING IN ALL CAPS JUST TO GET ATTENTION and never, ever, ever, tag selfies of yourself “working.”

…which, we’ve never done…obviously…haha…what?…

+ See more of Maci’s argument about why a “dislike” button might help keep social media users in line, and tell us if you agree!

Photo: Maci Bookout’s Instagram

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