Maybe We Should Root For The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie

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Copies of the book "Fifty Shades of Grey

We still have a few months until the Fifty Shades of Grey movie hits theaters worldwide, but that gives us plenty of time to answer one question: Should we all be rooting for the film to be a hit?

On the surface, it might seem like a simple answer: Why not? After all, it’s a female-directed film (Sam Taylor-Johnson), and it’s based on a bestselling book by a female author (E. L. James). Hell, the screenplay is even written by a woman (Kelly Marcel). In the male-dominated film industry, that’s a major coup.

And unless you’ve already forgotten: Queen Bey herself allowed the marketing team to use a new version of “Crazy in Love” for the official trailer.

The problem with Fifty Shades of Grey is, of course, the grey area. Like most pop culture phenomena, it’s not easy to separate the book or movie into black-and-white. Sure, it’s easy to say we should celebrate a movie helmed by women, but at what cost?

For most, what it comes down to is one question: Is it possible to root for a film’s success while ignoring the source material?

People have been talking about Fifty Shades of Grey since the first book was published back in 2011. Since then, numerous articles have been written criticizing the book and its author, mostly concerning the protagonists’ BDSM relationship.

Some studies suggest that the relationship is far from healthy, even going as far as to claim that Ana’s behavior begins to mirror that of women in abusive relationships. Still other articles are quick to point out that the books spurred a sexual reawakening for some women — that reading the trilogy was actually beneficial for readers’ relationships.

What do you think, readers? Is it worth rooting for the film to be a success? Or should the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise fizzle out here?

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