Michael Douglas Says Oral Sex Caused His Throat Cancer (Yes, It Could Happen)

Reported by MTV Act.

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

68-year-old actor Michael Douglas recently opened up about his 2010 battle with throat cancer, stating that it was not caused by smoking or drinking, but by oral sex. Forreal? Forreal.

In an interview with The Guardian, Douglas revealed, “This particular cancer is caused by HPV [human papillomavirus], which actually comes about from cunnilingus.” HPV is a viral infection that more than 50% of sexually active people will get at some point in their lives. Most infected people have no symptoms, but some HPV types cause genital warts. So can you actually get cancer from going down under? Potentially. But you can also do the following to protect yourself!

+ Get Yourself Tested

All sexually active women over 21 should have regular screenings for cervical cancer, also known as pap tests. Although there is an HPV test for women, pap tests are still the best way to get screened. There’s currently no test for men; however, there is a vaccine for both sexes. Don’t wait until a big scare to Get Yourself Tested. Many STDs don’t have symptoms, so all sexually active people should get screened regularly.

+ Get The Vaccine

Abstaining from sex is obvi the most effective way to prevent STDs, but there is also an HPV vaccine, given as a series of 3 shots over 6 months. For max protection, teens and young adults should get vaccinated before becoming sexually active.

+ Use Protection

Would you go hiking in the jungle, in middle of the night, without your clothes or shoes on? No way! So why would send your nether-regions into uncharted territory totally naked?! Although HPV can be transmitted in areas not covered by condoms, wrap it up to better protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy. You can also make your cunnilingus fun-nilingus with a dental dam.

+ Know Your Partner

It’s just as important to know your partner’s status as it is to know your own. Don’t be embarrassed to ask if he or she has been tested. If the answer is no, you have the right to say “no” — it’s your (sex) life! Take action below to take control of it. And big ups to Michael Douglas for the lowdown on…going down.

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