Mozambique Could Allow Rapists To Force Victims Into Marriage. Here’s How You Can Help.

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A wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion, but in some parts of the world a rapist can force his victim into marriage so he won’t be charged with sexual assault.

Mozambique, a country in Africa, is considering making this loophole into law. A man could sexually assault a woman, make her marry him, and then get away with it because he “did the right thing.”

Morocco had the same law until recently. 16-year-old Amina Filali was one example out of many there. Amina was sexually assaulted and forced into marriage with her rapist. Then she committed suicide, viewing it as the only way out.  Her story managed to make big headlines, and Morocco felt the heat so much they changed the law.

Now with Mozambique considering the whole “sexual assault is OK if it ends with marriage” law, we need to let our voices be heard. Amnesty International has set up a quick petition you can sign. If enough people know about this proposed law and speak out about it, we could stop it from happening. As Amnesty International says, “No means no — not ‘I do.’ ”

That is true everywhere. “No” always means “no.” Consent needs to be granted to begin with, and consent can be taken away at any time at all. For instance, you can say yes to someone one night and no another night. No one can touch your body without your permission, just as you can’t touch someone else’s body without theirs.

If you or someone you know are ever in a situation that isn’t consensual, you can reach out to RAINN for help or call at 1-800-656-HOPE.

Photo: (Amnesty International)

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