GET INSPIRED: Spotlight on Ohio State University Student Health Services

College students!   Health Center Staff!   Peer Health Educators!   Looking for some ideas on how to spread the word about GYT on campus?   Get inspired by Ohio State University’s Student Health Services Blog.   OSU’s Student Health Center is all about helping their students to get the facts, talk openly with their clinicians, and GYT.   Check out this post to see how OSU is providing all the GYT info that students need.   Want to take action like OSU?   If you’re a high-school or college student, apply to be a GYT Campus Ambassador or if you’re a health center staffer, sign your student health center up to join the GYT campaign.

And if your school doesn’t have a student health center, GYT’s testing center locator will find the STD testing centers nearest you- just enter your zip code here.   It’s that easy.   So what are you waiting for?   GYT today.


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