What Works/What Doesn’t

Preventing Pregnancy

The Shot


A shot for women that prevents pregnancy. The shot contains the hormone progestin and must be given every 3 months.

Success Rate

With typical use, 3 women in 100 (3%) become pregnant in one year. With perfect use, less than one woman in 100 (less than 1%) will become pregnant in one year.

The Perks

Once a woman gets the shot, she doesn’t have to think about birth control for another 3 months.

Drag Factor

Offers no protection against STDs including HIV. Some women have weight gain and irregular periods. This shot can cause bone loss, which is often reversible after a woman stops using the shot.

How To Get It

Requires a visit to your health care provider every 3 months to get the shot; the cost is about $35 to $75 per shot, plus the cost of the office visit.

Provided By: Bedsider

Condoms, when used consistently and correctly, are the ONLY method that protects sexually active people from both STDs and pregnancy.