What Works/What Doesn’t

Preventing Pregnancy



The man withdraws his penis from the vagina before ejaculation.

Success Rate

With typical use, 27 women in 100 (27%) become pregnant in one year. With perfect use 4 women in 100 (4%) will become pregnant in one year.

The Perks

It’s better than not using any protection, but still isn’t a very effective method of birth control.

Drag Factor

Doesn’t protect against STDs including HIV. Because sperm can live in pre-ejaculate (pre-cum), even if a man withdraws early, there is a chance of getting pregnant. Also, it may be a stressful method to rely on–women have to rely on men to get it right; and men have to remember to withdraw prior to ejaculation.

How To Get It

You just do it.

Condoms, when used consistently and correctly, are the ONLY method that protects sexually active people from both STDs and pregnancy.