‘Savage U’ Auburn: Your Weekly (Sex) Life Lesson

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Dan headed south to Auburn University in Alabama on tonight’s Savage U and it was clear he felt like a fish out of water with all the talk of holding doors, M-R-S degrees and chastity. But one student’s story of striving to live up to his own moral code won Dan over. Watch below at the 17 minute mark:


+The Deets

Luke is in a long-distance relationship but is finding it challenging to balance the college lifestyle and staying committed. He and his girlfriend are not having sex and he plans to stay a virgin until he is married, but there are temptations — in the form of hot girls — are everywhere at Auburn.

+The (SEX)perts Weigh In

It’s cool that Luke and his girlfriend aren’t feeling pressure to have sex before they feel ready. A lot of people choose to wait — whether it’s to find that right person, get married or to not have to worry about pregnancy or STDs.

But when you add alcohol to the mix, people don’t always follow through on those decisions, so Dan warns Luke to stay away from drinking and to have a back-up plan in place just to be safe.

“You have to be conscious of the fact that you are human and you’re fallible,” Dan said. “I would have condoms around even if you have no plans to ever use them… if you should ever slip up you don’t want that to result in a sexually transmitted infection. Or a child!”

It’s true, even with the best of intentions mistakes do happen. If there is a chance you could end up having sex, be honest with yourself and be prepared with protection.

+What You Can Do

Talk to your bf/gf/hook up and make sure you’re on the same page about your limits. You may be thinking one thing and he or she could have a totally different plan. If you decide to have sex, talk about how you’re going to protect yourself from pregnancy and STDs, BEFORE you are in the situation and the clothes are already off!

Learn more about what works and what doesn’t for pregnancy prevention here. Condoms are the only form of birth control that also protects against STDs when used correctly, every time, which makes them an ideal back-up plan to have on the ready, as Dan suggested.

For more information on sexual health visit It’s Your Sex Life and enjoy some of our favorite Dan-isms of the night below.

Dan’s interpretation of lacrosse: “I saw you catching balls with your sack.”

Dan’s analysis of the scene at Auburn: “This seems like enough alcohol to dissolve a purity ring.”

Dan’s happiest moment of the show: “You got condoms! This is the nicest gift.”

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