Savage U Ohio: Your Weekly (Sex) Life Lesson

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Ohio State University — known for Buckeyes football, raging tailgates and loyal fans — welcomed sex columnist Dan Savage to the party tonight. But college isn’t always all fun and games, as Dan learned when Emily shared her difficult story, watch after the jump:


+The Deets

Emily was interested in a friend from class, and accepted an invitation to hang out. He made a forceful move on her and reacted angrily when she said no, even calling her a bitch. The experience has made Emily feel guilty, question herself, her own judgment and other guys.

+The (SEX)perts Weigh in

No one has the right to make decisions about your body except for you, ever. Emily was brave to stand up for herself and leave, but she needs to understand he was in the wrong. No one should ever guilt you into feeling you owe it to them to have sex, said Dan:

“You are allowed to express conditional interest in another human being and that doesn’t invite sexual assault or make you responsible for sexual assault,” he said. What that guy did to Emily was his attempt to belittle and demean her, and it is totally unacceptable.

“It hurts me that you are sitting here feeling shredded, that it worked,” Dan told Emily. “You need to give yourself some credit!”

You get to decide each and every time if sex is what you want, and even if you have said yes before doesn’t mean you ever have to again.

+What You Can Do

Know your limits. Not everyone is having sex — in fact half of all teens in high school haven’t had sex — and you don’t have to either, it is totally up to you. Just like Emily, make sure to vocalize how you feel in a situation. Stand up for yourself, and never be ashamed to follow your gut.

If anyone is harming you either physically or mentally, get help. There are tons of support services available, either on school campuses or you can use one of the resources below:

Love is Respect: National Dating Abuse Helpline
1-866-331-9474 | 1-866-331-8453 TTY
Available 24 hours a day by phone or online at

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (7233) | 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)
Available 24 hours a day, every day, in English and Spanish.

National Sexual Assault Hotline
1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
Online Hotline also available at

For more information on sexual health visit It’s Your Sex Life and enjoy some of our favorite Dan-isms of the night below:

Real Talk of the night:
“Everybody gets their heart broken.”

Best football commentary from Dan:
“What inning is it?”

Most inaccurate Walk of Shame scouting:
“She’s carrying books! She must have slept with someone who has a studying fetish.”

Best new state slogan:
“Everything about Ohio was awesome, they use condoms!”

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