‘Savage U’ Texas Tech: Your Weekly (Sex) Life Lesson

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Dan was in the heart of Texas tonight for the season finale of “Savage U,” scooping out cowboys and tumbleweeds at the Texas Tech campus. But it was a female student who managed to catch him a little off guard with her story.

+The Deets

Maria recently broke up with a long-term boyfriend and went on a bit of a boy binge: she’s had seven new partners in two weeks. Some of the hook-ups she completely blacked out and doesn’t remember them happening. Most of them she isn’t sure if they used a condom or not.

Photo: (MTV)

+The (SEX)perts Weigh In

We’ll let Dan sum this one up: “You are not being careful,” he said. “Even to me that seems like a lot.”

The scariest part of Maria’s story is not that she is feeling boy-crazy, it’s that she’s too drunk to know, much less enjoy, what’s happening when she hooks up with these guys. Maria is acting casual about these hook-ups but we can tell it makes her uneasy that she’s blacking whole nights out — especially not knowing if any of the guys used protection. When alcohol is in the mix, it’s so much harder to remember to use a condom, or to trust that the person you are with will use it correctly. And it’s a dangerous pattern Maria is getting into.

“A lot of young women, because of the double standards, will use alcohol to absolve themselves from responsibility for the choices they are making,” Dan said.

He’s concerned Maria could get pregnant, or contract an STD if she continues to act so recklessly with her health.

“You should get tested,” he said. “Suppose all seven of those guys are all sleeping with seven girls who are all sleeping with seven guys. That’s a lot of exposure.”

+What You Can Do

Have a game plan. If you know you tend to drink too much, or get into situations where you are taking risks with your health, but are barely conscious, it’s time to take a step back. Before you go out, tell yourself you’re only going to have a drink or two, and actually hold yourself to it! You’ll be amazed how wonderful it feels to wake up in the morning and remember clearly what happened (and what didn’t).

Dan always says to have condoms as backup, and that’s another good game plan to have in place. Even if you don’t think you’ll be having sex just have some on hand, it’s always better to be prepared for the unexpected.

And no matter how many people you’ve hooked up with — get tested! Everyone is at risk for STDs and leaving them untreated can lead to long term consequences. So whether you’re boy crazy like Maria or have only hooked up with a few people, getting tested is always the way to go.

Got more questions about your sexual health? Visit It’s Your Sex Life for answers and enjoy some of our favorite Dan-isms of the night below:

Dan’s advice on the “first time:” It’s going to be a great big clown car mess the first time. And you’ll get better at it!

Dan shutting down hot tub sex: “Is it safe to have sex in Jacuzzis and swimming pools? NO.”

Best advice that applies to all people: “You should get tested!”

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