Selfless Snaps: Shalyah Evans Remembers Awesome Get Yourself Tested Party

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You have slumber parties and birthday parties and girls’ (or guys’) night-out parties . . . why not have Get Yourself Tested parties? Shalyah Evans of “Girl Code” went to one, and she talked about it for her #ThrowBackThursday.

Shalyah shared this on Instagram, writing, “#tbt GYT party with GirlCode!”:

The girls on “Girl Code” aren’t shy when it comes to talking about sex. But they also know that if you’re gonna have sex, your mental, emotional and physical health are #1 priority. It’s important for you to decide if and when you have sex, and you get to set whatever boundaries you want for you and your partner. At the same time, physical health is important, and that’s done through preventing unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

Shalyah and others on “Girl Code” have done some pretty funny skits about getting yourself tested. They do it to make people feel less embarrassed and uncomfortable about getting tested. Going to a doctor and getting tested for STDs shouldn’t make you feel ashamed — it should empower you, because it’s the responsible thing to do! That way you can know what’s going on with your body. If you do have something, you can get it either cured or treated, which is sooo much better for your body than ignoring it.

Half of sexually active young people will catch an STD by time they’re 25. If you’re sexually active, the best way to keep yourself protected is to use a condom every time you have sex. GYT tested might not be the most typical kind of party, but protecting your health is a reason to celebrate!

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