Selfless Snaps: Vinny Guadagnino’s Big-Ass Box Of Condoms Would Provide A Lot Of Protection IRL

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Vinny Guadagnino, of “Jersey Shore” and “The Show with Vinny,” is back on MTV, and this time it’s to talk about the importance of condoms!

But it’s no super-serious PSA he’s behind. Vinny has a fake condom ad (and a later cameo) in this video from MTV Other’s “Two Guys Named Josh.” He Tweeted:

Deciding that condom boxes are too small, the fake ad presents the solution: Vinny’s Big-Ass Box of Condoms. How big-ass? Well, there are 364 condoms in a box, and this number was picked on purpose. “That’s a condom for every day of the year, except one: Don’t have sex on Halloween,” he jokes. “That’s too scary.”

The ad may be for LOLs, but using condoms is def no joke. April is STD Awareness Month, and in our recent article “Common STD Myths Busted, Once + For All,” expert Meredith Mishel explained, “Male latex condoms, when used consistently and correctly — meaning EVERY time, and from start to finish — are highly effective in preventing the spread of HIV. They also reduce the risk of many other STDs. Condoms are also the only method that protects sexually active people from both STDs and pregnancy.”

If you ever have any Qs about condoms, like the best kind to use, the proper way to put them on, etc., you can check out It’s Your (Sex) Life. They have a special section explaining condoms, plus info on other forms of birth control. The ad might be fake, but the importance of protecting yourself can never be overstated!

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