Sweet Tweet: Kristen Bell Knows Who Owns Your Ovaries

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People often think of birth control as just something that prevents unwanted pregnancy, but it’s so much more than that. Kristen Bell decided to highlight the many positive side effects to birth control — like how it can majorly improve both women’s rights and the economy.

The star of the new “Veronica Mars” movie Tweeted:

Kristen’s link takes you to an Upworthy chart that discusses why birth control is so necessary. As it explains in the beginning: “Other side effects of birth control include people of all genders living longer and earning more money. Trufax.”

The chart goes on to say: “222 million women want to prevent pregnancy but need contraception… Women with access to birth control have 40% higher earnings than those who don’t… Additionally, for every dollar invested in family planning and reproductive health, there is significant savings in education, immunization, water & sanitation.”

Think about it: if a woman has access to birth control, she can make sure she doesn’t have kids until if and when she’s ready. In the meantime, she can get an education and start a career. If and when she has kids, she already has herself established as an independent woman making her own income. She can afford her lifestyle and afford to take care of children, so she doesn’t need help from elsewhere.

If she has only the number of kids she wants to have, she’s able to take better care of them and afford what they need. When people have their education, their career, and the ability to take care of themselves, that helps the economy big time. People with access to birth control live longer, healthier and wealthier lives — both men and women!

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