‘Teen Mom 2′ Cast Talks Birth Control & Their Futures [Video]

Reported by MTV Act.

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The girls of “Teen Mom 2” recently stopped by MTV Act’s office to discuss the importance of birth control, protection and safe sex, and their plans for the future.

When asked her opinion about why a young person might not be having safe sex, Chelsea said, “I feel like if you think it’s awkward talking to your partner about having safe sex or sex at all, you should not be having sex with that person.”

Kailyn continued, “It’s not even just pregnancy you should be worried about… STDs are huge.”

+ Watch Our Interview With The Teen Mom 2 Girls About Safe Sex And The Future.

“If you’re comfortable enough to have sex with that person, then you should be comfortable enough to talk about birth control,” Jenelle added.

“No matter how much you love that guy, it’s not worth risking, you know, your own well-being, risking a life of, you know, no education,” said Leah. “A child that isn’t in a stable environment that most children need…. It’s just not worth it.”

The reality is that many teens are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. 3 in 10 teen girls in the U.S. will get pregnant at least once before age 20. It doesn’t have to be this way!

The point is, guys and girls, you’ve got the power to educate yourself and take control of YOUR sex life! Read up, get the facts and learn more about preventing pregnancy, all the different forms of protection available these days (there is something for everyone!), and the importance of having a protection plan in place BEFORE your clothes come off!

And know that deciding if and when you are ready to have sex is a very personal and private decision —and only YOU are in charge of it. When am I ready is something only you can answer. It’s not when your partner (or whoever else) thinks you’re ready. And get this – almost 2 out of 3 teens who have had sex wish they’d waited.

It’s Your [Sex] Life has the deets on how different birth controls and forms of protection work, which are the most effective at preventing pregnancy and STDs, and tips for making talking about all of this…not so awkward…so you can keep yourself healthy and make sure you only become a parent if and when you’re ready and want to.

Photo: (MTV)

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