‘Teen Mom 2′ Jenelle Evans Confirms Second Pregnancy

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Rumors have been swirling that Jenelle Evans from “Teen Mom 2” and her new husband, Courtland Rogers, 27, are expecting a baby. This might concern people who are already worried about Jenelle — she doesn’t have custody of her son, she’s dealt with a number of legal problems, and her relationship with her mother is strained. In the first interview with Jenelle about the topic, we can confirm that her pregnancy is true, “I missed a few birth control pills, and found out I was pregnant at a doctor’s appointment. I was really surprised.”

“Me and Jenelle are so happy that she’s pregnant,” Courtland said to Star in their most recent issue, adding that Jenelle’s looking forward to “a second chance.” Courtland, like Jenelle, also has a child who is in another person’s custody. Courtland told the magazine that he “really wants” to do a MTV spin-off show with Jenelle and it’s under consideration. We can report that it’s not true and there is no new show in the works for the newlyweds.

“I know a lot of people will say we’re not ready, or judge me from my past. I want to prove to everyone that I can do this,” said Jenelle over the phone. “This wasn’t planned, but it happened so we’re taking it as we go. Courtland and I are happy and excited now. We have our own place, we’re married, and we’re both working. We know having a child can be difficult, but we’re going to do our best.

Jenelle is right. While initially learning of a pregnancy can be a very happy time, the reality of parenthood — especially such young parenthood — isn’t all cute baby clothes and adorable Instagram photos.  It’s not uncommon for teen moms to have a second baby within 24 months of their first — this happens with one out of four teen moms. Not even half of teen moms will graduate from high school, and the amount who will graduate from college by the age of 30 is just over one percent.

The good news is that being a teen parent is 100% preventable. Learn your options and how to protect yourself with It’s Your (Sex) Life. And since its launch in 2009, “Teen Mom,” has drawn millions of viewers with its honest depiction of the lives of teen moms. You can watch the show on Mondays at 10/9c.

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