Teen Mom, Episode 7: New Beginnings

New boys, homecomings, college, and custody issues?! Last night was an interesting one to say the least!

Let’s see what the girls are up to:

Catelynn doesn’t seem to be in a rush to enroll herself in college and Tyler  is afraid she won’t take care of her to-do list before school starts in less than a month. Will she decide to not go to college this year? We know a lot of fans out there want Catelynn to pursue her education dreams, which so many teen moms have to give up. Fewer than 2% of teen moms earn a college degree by the time they are 30.

Amber is finally out of rehab and let’s hope it’s for good. But for now, she definitely has her own to-do list to take care of the second she gets back, and that includes moving in with Gary. Does that seem like a good choice given all the drama that’s gone down between them?

Maci is getting used to sending Bentley off to preschool, but now she has to deal with Ryan getting used to the idea too. Ryan and Maci always seem to have a tough time agreeing on what’s best for Bentley. They are trying to make it work but co-parenting looks super challenging.

And of course, Farrah met Daniel and after some ice cream and horseback riding, it looks like there’s hope in her dating future. Let’s also hope they know the meaning of a healthy relationship and that they are talking about protecting themselves from pregnancy and STDs should they take it to the next level. Now that Farrah told Daniel about Sophia, will he be able to be a part of both their lives?

The girls are all moving on with their lives and trying to make things work with their families, but it’s definitely not easy. Having a baby only complicates existing drama, between family members and couples. If you’re having sex, make a plan with your bf/gf/hook up to protect yourself from pregnancy and STDS. Learn what works and what doesn’t and  get tips on how to take control of your sex life at

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