Teen Mom: Family Tree Drama

Whether it’s family drama, preschool, or even rehab, these girls are always dealing with something new and challenging in their lives.

In last night’s episode, Farah’s sister, Ashley, comes to visit her new place in Florida, but Ashley isn’t the only guest; Farah’s mom also decides to pay Florida a visit but the reunion turns ugly (and loud) quickly after Farah and Ashley start blaming their mom for their “lives being ruined.”

There was also Catelyn and Tyler dealing with Butch and his unstable living situation while on parole. With Tyler never knowing about his dad’s whereabouts, looks like he’s playing the Dad role after all, except not to Carly.

With Bentley turning three years old, the sound of school bells will be starting to ring, but is Maci not ready for Bentley to go off to preschool? We know Tyler isn’t up for the idea at all; he’s not pumped to watch Bentley go off to learn his shapes and colors, but for now at least he’s a little distracted with his new girlfriend.

As for Amber, her time in rehab is almost over, but will she be strong enough to make it to the finish line? After her many therapy sessions, it seems like Amber is slowly going back to her old ways.  Will she be able to leave on a clean slate or will Leah have to spend even more time away from her mom?

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