The Teen Moms Look Back as Series Ends

It’s time to say goodbye to Farrah, Maci, Catelynn and Amber. We’ve followed them through challenges, heartbreak and successes these last four years but we knew this day had to come—tonight is the series finale of Teen Mom.

So as we get the tissue ready (because seriously who doesn’t cry at least once during any Teen Mom episode) let’s reflect with Catelynn, Maci and Farrah on the lessons learned over the years on Teen Mom:


On being careful with money:

++ Catelynn: Pay your bills first, then buy what you want after. I always pay my bills first, stick a little bit in savings and buy some groceries.

++Maci: I always made sure everything was one time. I quit spending money completely. The only thing I spent money on besides bills was groceries and gas.  I had to do it and now I’ve done it for so long I trained myself. But it was definitely scary.

On making time for everything:

++Farrah: Trying to balance was my hardest thing because I couldn’t see Sophia between full time work and full time school.

On watching friends move on:

++Maci:  [My friends] were all going to school together. They all moved, they had dorm rooms together and I was just stuck in Chattanooga with Bently. I was kind of like “Wow this is what I would have been doing if I didn’t have Bently. “

On beating the statistics and graduating from college:

++Farrah: [Graduating] for me meant that I COULD achieve something…it just felt good. I’m definitely happy.

On healthy communication:

++Catelynn: [Therapy] helped us communicate and express our feelings. It really helped with our communication and now we can sit down as civil people and just talk…I think the secret to keeping a couple together is communication, you have to have trust.

On dealing with complicated relationships:

++Maci: [Ryan and I] were just so young, we didn’t know any better…We tried everything we could and it just didn’t work out. The Ryan that I fell in love with, we aren’t the same people that we were before. The adults that we grew into, we would just never work out.

On helping other teen moms:

++Catelynn: I never really knew I wanted to be an adoption counselor until I really started to counsel girls. I would go to the hospitals with them and just be there for them. [What I want to be] are called pregnancy counselors so even if a girl chooses to parent or chooses adoption I’m there for them either way.

Teen Mom was a ground-breaking show that opened all our eyes to what life is really like as a young mom. The choices you make today can change your future forever, and the girls showed us all what that really means.

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