The Top 3 F*ck Ups From Last Night’s “Faking It”

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karma and amy

Ok, we love Karma, Amy, and co., but that doesn’t mean they always make the best decisions. As always, last night’s episode of “Faking It” had a lot of LOL-worthy moments, but it was the OMG! NO! moments that still have us talking.

Here are the top 3 f*ck ups from yesterday’s show and how they could have been avoided:

+  Purposefully Ruining Your Mom’s Bridal Shower

Jealous of future stepsister Lauren, Amy set out to make her mother’s bridal shower the party from hell. She breaks a glass to ruin Lauren and her mom’s special moment, confesses that Lauren really hates her mom and is lying about how she feels, and ruins the croquembouche that Lauren was so excited to have. At the end of the episode, Lauren confesses that “even though she’s 20 years older” than her, Amy’s mom is her best friend! Amy feels so terrible that Karma doesn’t even say, “I told you so!” Next time, Amy should definitely listen to her BFF and take the moral high ground.

+ Seeking Random Bar Hookups to Hide Feelings

After turning down Karma’s offer of an art studio hook-up, Liam calls Shane for a night out at The Twain. Shane gets the two out of there before they can be busted for underage drinking, or agree to sleep with two twins who are little more than into each other. Liam later admits that he turned Karma down and wanted to get over her quickly because he’s afraid to care about her so much… We think his night would have gone much better had he just admitted that to himself in the first place.

+ Threesome or Something

Karma almost made it out of this episode as the lone voice of wisdom, but at the very last moment she agreed to do something so absurd that we can’t wait to see how next week’s episode turns out! After Liam tells her he wants to be with her but he can’t ignore that she’s with Amy, Karma suggests a threesome! Know what’s not cool? Promising the guy you like that your BFF will totally be done for a ménage-a-trois when you haven’t even asked her yet! Consent is the most important part of any relationship, so if Amy and Karma are going to stand a chance, there’s got to be a major convo between the two! Karma, next time just listen, nod along, and sleep on it. We’re sure your ideas will be better in the morning.

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