Things ‘Awkward.’ Taught Us: Valentines, Hook-ups and Let Downs

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Love was in the air on tonight’s Awkward, but Valentine’s Day has a way of bringing out people’s jealousy too. Which side of that thin line between love and hate will Jenna land on?

 Jenna and Jake start out in full-on cuddle mode  for Valentine’s Day… that is until she sees Matty with his new girl Courtney. Not only are they hanging out all the time, but he’s even holding her hand IN PUBLIC! A rare sight to see with the PDA-allergic Matty. He’s not the only one getting some love, we also see Tamara walk in on Ricky and Sadie Saxton hooking up! No. Words.

And just when it looked like Jake and Jenna could ignore all the static and make it a special day anyway, Jake told Jenna those three magic words, “I love you.” Jenna being Jenna…didn’t say it back. Looks like she’s still trying to figure that out, but she better think fast because their physical relationship shows no signs of slowing down.

All this V-day action is a good reminder that even if these couples don’t last forever, if they don’t use protection if/when they hook up, their decisions could have serious long term consequence. When it comes to decisions about sex, take your time and make sure you’re only doing what’s comfortable for you. Check out a few important facts below and visit for more answers to your sex and relationship questions.

+ When used correctly EVERY TIME,  condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. They are also the ONLY method that can protect against STDs.

+ Talk with your bf/gf/hook up about protection before clothes start coming off. It’s way easier to have those conversations when you are rational and not, say, when you’re looking at Matty’s abs.

+ Having sex isn’t the only way to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any other  special occasion, and it’s not some gift you owe someone either. Half of teens in high school haven’t had sex — tons of people have decided they just aren’t ready.

What will Jake decide now that Jenna couldn’t fully return his affection? Watch next week to find out!

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