Today Is National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

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The rate of teen pregnancy has been dropping in the last few decades, but three out of ten teenage girls will still become pregnant before reaching the age of twenty. In hopes of bringing the numbers down more, the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy got started.

+ Get Quizzed

Today is May 1 and many people are excited ’bout that. It’s also a milestone day as National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy turns 12 so Stay Teen has created a fancy, new online quiz. You can actually plug in your name, the name of your crush, and the name of your BFF, and the quiz comes up with little storylines. As you find yourself in different situations (from Halloween parties to prom night), the quiz asks how you’ll respond.

+ Protect Yo Self

To step away from online quizzes and get into IRL stuff, it’s important to be super knowledgeable about protection. If you’re sexually active now, it’s so VITAL you use protection every time. 90% of teens who don’t use protection are pregnant within a year. MTV’s It’s Your [Sex] Life can help you with the deets on protection options and how well each kind works. And if you’re not sexually active, all good, because it’s good to educate yourself on birth control and all that stuff before you jump in bed with your partner. That way you’ll be better prepared and know how to keep yourself protected.

In 2012, more than 700,000 people took part in the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, and hopefully this year will be even bigger and better. Becoming a teen parent is 100% avoidable. Learning about birth control can ensure you only become a parent as an adult, and only if and when you want to. So enjoy this glorious, new month and be safe while you do it!

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