[VIDEO] 16 and Pregnant’s Alex Shares Advice On Having The Sex Talk With Your Boo

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We’ve been keeping up with the girls of ’16 and Pregnant‘ all season long. Last night’s episode shared Alex’s struggle with being pregnant at 16 and having an unreliable boyfriend who would show up to doctor’s appointments under the influence of who-knows-what. Looking back, there’s one thing she’d so differently: make sure to have open communication with your partner even before you have sex.

“If you’re uncomfortable taking about sex with the person, that probably means you’re not comfortable enough to have sex with that person,” she shares in the clip below. “Your best goal would be to wait.” After finding out she was pregnant, she struggled to be on the same page as her boyfriend — and that’s when he wasn’t M.I.A.¬†Watch what more Alex has to say about communicating with your partner below!

+ WATCH: Alex reflects on being ’16 and Pregnant.’

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