[Video] Beau Mirchoff + Molly Tarlov Chat About Their Real-Life ‘Awkward.’ Dates

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Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

Dating’s a breeze when you’re a celebrity, right? Not all the time! We recently sat down with “Awkward.” stars Beau Mirchoff and Molly Tarlov to chat about real-life dating disasters and deal-breakers, including an epic spaghetti sauce fail.

“I was in 9th grade, maybe 8th, and I went to my lady’s house to meet her parents for the first time,” says Beau. Uh oh. Meeting the parents is awkward enough as it is! He continues, “They cooked up some spaghetti, and I’m not the most tidiest of eaters … and I made a complete fool of myself.” As for others making fools of themselves, Beau knows that first date nerves can make people act out of character. “We’ll give ‘em a second date,” he says, “but after that, dishonesty’s a big deal-breaker.” Molly’s deal-breaker? Guys who don’t listen.

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Listening and honesty are especially important when things start to get hot ‘n’ heavy. Whether it’s the first date or your wedding night, it’s important for you and your partner know the facts and speak openly about sexual health. The longer you wait, the more awkward things can become — especially when it comes to STDs and pregnancy. Take action below if you need help having an “Awkward.” convo about sex.

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